A proud big sister

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I never thought this day would come.  Not because I had any doubts that it couldn’t be done, but that the idea of college or the word ever fell from his lips until midway through his senior year of highschool.  My little brother (well little only in terms of age these days) graduated from Calvin College on Saturday.  He started highschool in a different place than what most people start this new chapter in their life with.  Our mom passed away within a week of that school year, so there was a lot of adjusting to do.  Despite all that, we maintained a good family bond, extra-curricular activities, vacations and all that life could bring at that time.  All through grade school, Alex liked being more social than academic.  Not to say he was a bad student, but we always thought he would do a trade school or something like that as he loved working with his hands than sit behind a desk.  It wasn’t until he realized that maybe later in life a cushy desk job might be easier on the body than out in the field.  So with his degree, I think he’s found a good mix of the 2!

So began the college visits, financial aid planning, stuff gathering and off he went to Calvin in the fall of 2006.  He’s a done a lot of things over the years from intermural volleyball to 3 weeks in Panama with no contact the whole time meanwhile his 2nd niece was being born a week earlier than we told him when he left.  He shifted his major from engineering to geology and was able to combine the 2 in the end.  He learned a lot about living on his own, making relationships, strengthening others, his likes and dislikes and in the end, came out such a good person.

If you grew up with us, you’d ask if this was the same brother I had then.  The one where I couldn’t stand him being the same room with me, where we tap danced on each others last nerve constantly.  I guess 6 years apart then is a heck of a lot different than 6 years apart now b/c after next semester, I’ll probably cry when he leaves Michigan for good.  He’s been awesome to have around, to help with odd jobs around the house, to create such a bond with the girls and just become an awesome brother that both Gary and I have come to cherish.

So with that said, I’ll stop gooing about him and say that I am proud of you little brother, you’ve done well and when you head back to SoHo at Christmas, we’ll miss you!

He’s right there                           ^

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