a fresh start

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Well I’ve seen you all made it to the other side – welcome!  Don’t worry, you won’t get lost.  It’s just a better place for all of us.  :)

As you can see, we’ve done a face lift to the ole blog and we’re quite please with how it’s turning out!  I had an idea awhile ago to separate a few of our passions, like the girls.  They need their own space as they sometimes do things together that are cute and funny and worth recording, but in all reality, their little selves come up with things all the time that are worth sharing even if it’s just a line or 2 but didn’t feel right in the old blog space.  So just like they have their own rooms, they have their own page now too (Boog = Anna, Squeaky = Izzy)!  Not only do they have their own space, but Gary and I have a space (The Parents) to talk about our happenings, albeit not near as exciting or entertaining as the girls, but interesting nonetheless.

At the top of the page you also see a few more headings titled:  Projects, Parenting and Money.  By no means are we experts on any subject or think you should follow our lead, it’s just a place for us to discuss or talk about projects from a lima bean wreath to laminate flooring, about anything to do with raising these 2 little girls from time outs to toys, and our road to a debt free life – all the things that are our life.

You’ll also notice inside the image are icons that take you to a few different places on the web.  The orange circle is our RSS feed, which means if you have a reader of some sort (Google Reader, etc), you can subscribe to any updates to our site via the reader.  The middle blue circle is our Vimeo link to our videos.  Currently I have been fighting with our proper camcorder and at odds with our back up.  But I do have some cute videos to get up soon.  Finally the FR circle is our Flickr page or a page to view our pictures.  This is a new addition to us as well so nothing is there right now.  No worries, I’m going to try to include pictures in the post again!

Finally on the right side you can see the archives of our old blog if you want to see when I announced our first pregnancy or Izzy’s debute.  It’s all still there, just now it’ll be a little more organized and hopefully a bit more entertaining with funny things Anna comes up with or motivating about our weightloss/get healthier life revamp.  Whatever you get out of it, we’re glad you’re here to walk this journey with us.

Love and sunshine to all!

Gary, Christie, Anna & Isabella