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Each year that this date comes arrives, it brings up swirling emotions.  Some years I’m pretty reflective and happy, other years I’m a bit weepy.  I’m a bit in the middle this year.  Today marks the 8th anniversary of the Lord making my mom whole again.  I think about not just this day but the year that surrounded it.

You know how there are songs, items of clothing, mannerisms or a look that brings you right back to a particular moment in your life?  I have a few of those for my mom and I’d like to share that with you or least put them out there for me and my family to look back on.  Maybe a list would be more appropriate so here goes:

- Those awful white lace up Reeboks were the only tennis shoe she’s wear, well really the only shoe she’d wear aside from Sunday shoes.  She said nothing else fit her feet right and for years and years we’d hunt for those silly little shoes.  I thought they were ugly but she didn’t care much about fashion.  I don’t know if they still make them or not, but I kept her last pair.  Worn and grey.

- Michael W. Smith : Freedom CD, anytime I hear music from this CD it takes me back in to the big, grey Buick of my friend Andrew Schaap.  Many times he’d take Alex and I downtown to Northwestern Hospital (15th floor) to see my mom.  He’s always have an array of Michael W Smith, Sting and the Gladiator soundtrack playing while we drove down Stoney Island.  Our friendship stemmed from our disdain for each other growing up but as time went on, we became great friends.  I still talk and occasionally see (and even do some work for him) Andrew, but him and his family live in Florida these days.  But our families friendship has remained close to me.  Thank you.

- Farmers Market flowers : Just last weekend we went to the Fulton Street Farmers market for the first time in quite awhile.  It brings back even more memories for me than just my mom but that’s for another time and place.  What struck me there and then again at home were the gladiolus we purchased.   Gary saw these right away and wanted to take some home.  I didn’t argue.  We took them home and filled a vase with brightly colored stems that gave such life to our lonely little corner of the dining room.  The summer my mom was sick, I was still doing Farmers Market for Smits Farms (which I’d do in a heartbeat all over again, 5am’s and all!).  At the end of each market, Kathi and I batted our eyes at our market friends to bring home their goods (at no charge of course!).  I always brought my mom home beautiful bouquets of flowers for her that now sits on the same hope chest I have in my home today.  I know it brightened her day to have fresh flowers around each weekend.

- Her array of hats : I gave my friends and family the task of sending her hats from their colleges and beautiful fancy hats to sit upon her fuzzy head.  She usually wore her navy beret and the occasional Dordt hat.  I’ve also put those away in my treasure box.

- My college aged Bible study group that summer : The support, the love, the prayers, the hugs of that group that ended the same week we found out my mom was sick ALWAYS has had held a huge part of my heart.  The emails (the Hotmail has since destroyed forever….) I treasured so through my junior year of college, the cards sent to my apartment on campus are boxed away for another time, the memories that are held in those dear but some not as close friends are so special to me.  Words cannot express how providential that group was to me even before I knew why.

- The last night at The Roundhouse in Colorado : What a fun night we had.  The stories shared about what my parents did for their siblings, what my mom did to drive my grandparents nuts, the cheek hurting, gut wrenching laughing we had while sharing wine with my husband, brother, cousins, aunts and uncles certainly filled my mind with their fond memories of her.  All the while be surrounded with the quilts she started and finished was certainly something I’ll never forget.

So with 8 years passing, filled with new relationships, new family, new experiences, I think fondly of those things that bring memories back and also the people who hold memories that I never knew of my mom.  It’s been a good 8 years and I thank my mom for that.

Love and miss you always, mom.

Gary, Christie, Anna and Izzy

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