How old is too old?

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So our 2nd day of reading (Genesis 4-6) through the Bible brought us to the lineage in Adam and Eve, going through the different generations created while Adam was still alive.  Still alive after 10 generations?  It was dumbfounding to hear when each of these men (Adam and Seth to Methuselah and Noah) had children – mostly over 100 years old – and living 9 times that long after their children were born.  Gary and I found in the intro to this day that years were very close to the years we know today, but how did they stay alive and have children that late in life?!  Were their bodies not filled with all these cancers and illnesses that we battle today?  Is our lifestyle today preventing us to live well into our 100’s, 200’s or 900’s?  Gary brought up the idea that God may have kept these men (and women I’m sure too) in a 100 year state of what we know as our 20’s and 30’s.  Wouldn’t that be crazy to stay in a certain look and feeling within our bodies for that long?  Gary thought it would be cool to live that long.  I was undecided.  :)

Ok, so I know that passage just wasn’t about how long people live and how late they had kids.  It was just something that was unfathomable to us.  The beginning of this reading was the relationship between Cain and Abel and his ultimate death.  A story we’ve heard throughout our lives but to hear it again showed right where the people of God were divided among the people of the earth.  It was also interesting to see that God gave Adam and Eve another son after Cain killed Abel and was said to “replace” him.  Gary and I together didn’t talk about it much, but after reading it again, most parents these days do not “replace” the child or children they’ve lost, they preserve the memory of that child and have other children to add to their family.  It just struck me a little odd to put it those words but I know it was another way of honoring Abel.

*Oh and to clarify from yesterday’s chronological Bibles, the one we were given for Christmas does not have the introductions that the one we just purchased has and we really enjoy the history and questions it gives us.  The one we were given is broken up into days, though.  I’m having a hard time finding the exact one we have as all the ones I’m finding do not talk about the history before each section.*

The Ultimate Timeout

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Gary and I are always looking for ways to improve.  To improve our marriage, to improve our parenting, to improve our meal planning, to improve our home.  We are far from perfect and when we work to improve on one thing, another thing falls so it’s a continual balancing act.  You get the point.  We’re always on the look out for better ways to do something and our devotions together needed a big face lift.  We’ve read books together, done a little devotions together at night but found that when we got into bed our focus turned to sleeping not focusing on what we were reading and discussing.  So we had a date night on Saturday and for part of the night, we stopped by our favorite bookstore, Schuler’s.  It always has a friendly, inviting feel and along with that, we really like their very berry yogurt smoothies.  :)   So we hung out for awhile and towards the end of our time there, I thought we should look at the devotionals together since we didn’t have to worry about kids running all over and pulling books off the shelves.  We found a couple that looked interesting but I found one that both struck us.  The Chronological Bible in 365 Days.  Now we already have this Bible but it’s not broken down into days which is what we really liked about it.  So we agreed and purchased this little, very thick Bible to tackle throughout the next year.  Along with that, we’ve decided to do our devotions/discussion after we put the girls down for bed and do it in the living room, rather than laying on the bed.  So far, the 2 nights we’ve done it, it’s worked out really well and has sparked different conversations.  So to hold us accountable, I hope to write a little ditty about each day and what came up during our reading.  I know it won’t always work out perfectly but we’re certainly willing and excited to give it a try.

I think I’ll recap what we read first, maybe just a string of thoughts/stories and the follow up with our conversation.

Day 1:

The story of creation (night, day, water, land, sun, moon, birds, fish, land animals, man, rest) and the fall of man (Satan telling Eve it’s ok to eat of the fruit on the forbidden tree, finding shame in their nakedness, working the land, painful child births).


- Being in parent mode, the command from God to not eat of the forbidden tree was only given once.  And only once did they disobey.  God followed through on his command on their first time offense by giving them the ultimate time-out.  As parents, we’re teaching our kids that when we say something once, it should be followed after the first time commanded to do so, not after the 5th time.  We’ve realized that we’ve been slacking in the follow through on our threats and have made sure they know that we mean business when we ask them to do something.  I know it sounds harsh, but if they understand when mom and dad ask something of them, they’d like it done right away not after the “but I’m just….”’s  :)   Just as God told Adam and Eve only once to not eat of the tree, He followed through with the ultimate punishment of working the land instead of it always being lush and green and not allow for painless childbearing to fill the earth, but painful ones to always remind us of their punishment that day in the Garden.

- Gary brought up the fact that how many kids would we have if child bearing was painless?  Or how many people would really be on this earth if women could not have labor but just a beautiful, calm birthing experience.  I’d imagine we would have packed this earth a long time ago.

- Reading the story of creation brought back memories of grade school Bible classes at Calvin.  I don’t remember specifics but just of making the days of creations on paper plates, drawing bright suns, deep waters, all kinds of animals.  It was fun hearing the story again directly from the Bible.

And there you have it, Day 1!