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I’ve been single momming it this week while Gary’s gallivanting around a beautiful resort in Orlando eating great food, swimming in a huge pool and sleeping in a big bed in a corner room on the 8th floor.  Ok, so he’s on business going to seminar’s, presenting one himself and missing home.  But still.  :)   The girls have been awesome this week.  The only bad thing that’s happened is I missed my alarm Monday morning by about an hour…..  I don’t want to talk about it.  Let’s just say wet hair, weird looks from the girls wondering my mommy is saying we’re late and I don’t have time for this and a few frantic phones.  It all worked out and it turned out to be a great day.  :)

So a couple funny Anna-ism’s for the week.  So we’re sitting around the table eating dinner, a glamorous taco dinner mind you.  To add more glamorousness to the situation, Anna’s been a little constipated with a lot of tooting going on this week and Izzy’s, well…, Izzy and she’s had a little more volume than normal as well.  So after we giggle about both girls tooting quite a bit, with surprised expressions on their face and all, Anna says to Izzy, “you got gas, girl!”  I about fell off my chair.  We had a good laugh about that all while Izzy, said “masblag asbglas gas”  (that’s Izzy speak as of right now, mumble at the beginning with a clear word at the end).

So I’ve been trying to think of other verbs to use when Anna shows me for the 100th time a picture she’s colored in the past 10 mintes and wants me to say something about it.  So I’ve been using “awesome” as my verb of choice lately.  So last night, while sitting around the table have a family coloring session with Uncle Alex, Anna asks “mommy, am I coloring awesome?”  Hehe.  I love it.

While driving back from Ms. Michelle’s house last night, Anna in a very sincere voice asked me “is daddy home, yet?”  Insert “awww….” here.  Not only did she say that, which melted daddy’s heart, she understood the concept of “yet”.  Like she understood that he’s been gone, we’ve been talking about where daddy is and now she wonders if today’s the day.  Smarty-pants.

In lieu of daddy being gone, Anna first understood that I was bringing him to the airport on Sunday to go to Floridarado (you know, Florida and Colorado – our vacation destination this summer).  So later I’d ask where daddy was, Anna kept saying the airport.  Finally after a couple days, we traveled to Florida.

Good thing, I don’t think daddy could handle the crazy’s at the airport for 5 days.  :)

Not just for kids….

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Timeouts are for Little People, too.

The other fairy sister

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The tooth fairy has a few years before she visits us, but we did have her sister visit us last month.  The pipe fairy!  No, it’s not someone to fix our plumbing.  We call that thing to tide over the saddness, crabbiness and sleepy time, a pipe.  Not a binkie, nuk, plug or whatever other weird word is used for it, just a pipe.  Sounds more…. mature.  Yeah.  Ok.

Anywho, Miss Anna has been warned delicately talked to about said Pipe Fairy coming to pay a visit.  She began this journey awhile back when the only time she could have it would be at nap, bed and in the van on a long trip.  Then Ms. Michelle and Anna had an agreement.  Anna had been sleeping in another room for nap at daycare, in a pack n play and Michelle found that it was time to move her out with the bigger kids to get used to a little more noise.  When she was setting up her pack n play, Anna said she didn’t want to sleep in that anymore.  She wanted to sleep on a mat with the big kids.  So Michelle said ok, but you have to throw away your pipe b/c big kids don’t have pipes.  Without a fight or anything, she walked over and threw it away.  See ya.  Good-bye.  We praised her high and low and went to the store to pick out a treat.  They lived up to the “kid in a candy toy store” emotion as both Izzy and Anna wanted to throw everything into the cart.  In the end, Little People Ferris Wheel won out.

So after the week of no nap pipe at daycare, we hit the weekend.  Napping at home is far different than at daycare.  From no kids, own room, different routines.  So it was a little bit of a struggle, that first nap at home.  But we lived!

The following weekend the Pipe Fairy let mom and dad know that she would be stopping by to pick up Anna’s pipe to give to another little baby who needs it.  So we got a special bag, wrote a letter to her tell her that Anna is a big girl and wants to give her pipe to a little baby.  Oh and to leave her a treat.  Hehe.  So Anna filled the bag and put it out on the front porch so the next morning to see if she left us a treat!

Well she did (and we lived through the night without the pipe)!  The Pipe Fairy was very kind and left her a set of dishes and a lovely red tablecloth so she could serve us a delicacy of wooden food.  :)

It’s been great every since.  She asks for it from time to time, but has a smirk on her face knowing that she’s a big girl and it won’t be coming back.  And even if it was just a few weeks ago, thinking of her with a pipe seems like years ago.  ::Sigh::

Anna’s Secret Life | Part 5

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Here’s chapter 1, 2, 3 & 4 of Anna’s Secret Life to get caught up!

So the most recent addition to the so called secret life of Anna is something that’s kept at grandma’s……..  (with all this said, she sure has the storytelling of her Uncle Alex as proven by many years of report cards saying “loves to tell stories”)

Sorry about the delay in between the saga!  The summer sun and busyness of it all has taken over but we’re back with the next chapter.

So we have this running joke (ok, not a joke to me and Gary, but Gary’s dad thinks it’s hilarious) about getting the girls a puppy.  So much so, Anna got a stuffed puppy for Christmas a couple years ago to fill this void we have so horribly kept from our dear children who would if they could scale the walls when a dog comes near them.  Anywho, apparently Anna has a dog and it’s stashed at grandpa and grandma’s house.  We’ve yet to meet said dog nor do we know much else about her/him.  But this must be one special dog!  A dog that doesn’t look like a dog, maybe transparent and silent, one that you never know is around, kind of like a cat but as a dog.   And clear.  And mute.  Hmmm……

Anna’s held off on telling us more about what’s going on in Anna-land these days but once I find out, I’ll be sure to share!

Wanna bake?

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So I came up with this nifty activity to do if I want to bake, which mind you, isn’t all that often, but I do get the urge once in awhile.  I know this isn’t a new thing to most moms, teachers or daycares, but the magic of noodles with 1 and 2 year old’s is amazing!  So one day, I was just restocking the pantry and the noodle jar in the meanwhile asking Anna if she wanted to help.  She usually does, which is awesome!  So I left her with the bag of noodles and the jar with the instruction of just fill it up.  She loved it!  It took her about 10-15 minutes, which in parent-land, is a very long time to not have to make sure they aren’t destroying the living room.  So at the end, we had a good amount of noodles left and as I was about to pack them up, I thought, I bet they would have a ball sorting noodles with anything in the kitchen.  I grabbed some lap trays, a bunch of containers, spoons and anything else that would keep them excited, pulled up a couple chairs to the counter, dumped out some noodles and away they went!  Anna made “cookies” of the chocolate and oatmeal varieties, put them in the “oven” and served them to daddy for quite some time.  Izzy liked putting them in the cupcakes tins (and all over the floor) and of course she had to taste test some of her “creations” as well.  We’ve taken them out a few times for something different to do.  And not being the most avid baker, this last time, I had no sugar to bake with.  And get this, there aren’t any cookies within a quick glance, that DO NOT require sugar.  Huh.

If you’re wondering, here’s what I did bake on one of those noodle nights:

Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Gar and his love for malted milk (if you don’t read this blog-site, you should!)

Chewy Granola Bars to cure the craving for oats and chocolate from the lovely Marie on Makes and Takes – mine kind of crumbled despite the butter and honey to hold them together, but they were delicious!

Naked eating

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I’m sure we all strip down to our skivvies before we dive into a delicious plate of spaghetti, right?  Right.

Anna’s Secret Life | Part 4

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Here’s chapter 1, 2 & 3 of Anna’s Secret Life to get caught up!

So she’s now bought and sold the red truck, bought a new orange truck and bought a new orange boat.  Where did she get all this money?!  With a job of course!  So we talk about Gary and I going to work and what we do there.  The conversation can go something like this.  During the week, we both load the girls in the van.  Anna sometimes asks “where are we going?”  I tell her Michelle’s and she replies “and daddy’s going to work?”  I say, yes daddy is going to work and mommy’s going to work.  Then one day she asks “what are you doing at work?”  So we tell her daddy works at a computer and mommy works at a computer.  We’ve had this conversation a few times now and knows what a computer is.  She asks if we can go to daddy’s work from time to time too as we’ve been there for lunch on occasion and have gone swimming there too.

So in the same conversation revealing the boat, we find out about her job.  She tells us that she goes to work.  So we ask her what she does at work.  She says “ummm…. I work on computers.”  I say, “what do you do on the computers?”  She says “I do spiders on the computers.”  We’re both a little confused as what this means.  So I turn around (we’re in the van) and ask her again, she says “I do spiders” and she puts her little hands out and makes them look like they are “crawling.”  I couldn’t believe it.  She did that b/c that’s what it looks like when you type on the keyboard, like you’re doing spiders.  What a smart little girl.

So the most recent addition to the so called secret life of Anna is something that’s kept at grandma’s……..  (with all this said, she sure has the storytelling of her Uncle Alex as proven by many years of report cards saying “loves to tell stories”)

Anna’s Secret Life | Part 3

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Don’t miss chapter 1 and chapter 2 of this saga!

So she has an orange truck, which she still drives while Izzy tags along.  Apparently this truck has a hitch because she bought something else with all these millions she’s racked up in 2.5 years time.  She bought a boat!  Not just any boat, an orange boat to match her orange truck of course!  We were headed in to Grand Haven the night we were informed of this great purchase and when we were walking the pier, she kept pointing out the boats that had orange on them but we didn’t see hers….. odd I know!

Soon we figured out how she was able to buy and sell the red truck, but the orange truck and then buy the orange boat……

Anna’s Secret Life | Part 2

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If you missed the beginning of this saga, check out part 1.

So a couple weeks goes by, we’ve chatted about the red truck and the story remains.  Man, this girl is good.  Until the fateful day where she tells us that she doesn’t have the red truck anymore……

She bought a new truck!  Wait a minute, how does she have this money to get new trucks.  I’ve wanted a truck (a diesel mind you) for a very long time and now she’s burned through 2 of them already.  So she tells me she has an orange truck now.  Of course I ask her what happened to the red truck.  She said it was broke.  I asked her if she sold it.  She emphatically says “yep!”  I asked “Who did you sell it to?”   “Aunt Sheila” she replied.  Well that makes sense, the Neon finally perished and she was in a need of a new car.

So she has an orange truck, which she still drives while Izzy tags along.  Apparently this truck has a hitch because she bought something else with all these millions she’s racked up in 2.5 years time……..

Anna’s Secret Life | Part 1

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So maybe a month or so ago, all of us as a family were riding in the van and Anna starts talking about a red truck.  So we talk about seeing a red truck, asks if she remembers daddy’s blue truck, etc.  Typical little kid conversation while driving.  Or so I thought.  So she continues to talk about this red truck, well come to find out, SHE has a red truck.  I look at Gary with this “lets see where this goes” look.  So I start talking to her about it.  She says she has a red truck.  She said that she drives it and that Izzy rides in it.  She gets that from when we’re all riding together and she asks why I’m not driving (b/c I take them to and from daycare during the week), and I tell her that daddy’s driving and mommy’s riding just like she is.

So a couple weeks goes by, we’ve chatted about the red truck and the story remains.  Man, this girl is good.  Until the fateful day where she tells us that she doesn’t have the red truck anymore……