The Beginning of Change

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Well, here goes. The beginning of change. Many things will change this year, which we’re very excited about but in the same right leaving what we’ve know for the past 4 years is kind of scary as well. Gary turns 30 on April 27, he graduates from Grand Valley on April 28, he’ll be starting his internship and into his career at the end of the summer, we’re looking to buy a house a little higher than we wanted but we love it so much and we’re throwing a baby into the mix. Call us crazy (because we do sometimes) but we’re so excited!

Onto the biggest and most recent news, the baby! I’m on Week 7 according to the handy dandy calculators online. The first 5 weeks were pretty uneventful (as we didn’t really know we were pregnant yet until 2 weeks ago). I didn’t think we’d get it on the first shot, but we did! Gary’s very proud. Hehe. Last Tuesday is when the nausea started. I had it all afternoon and evening. Blah. Then it came back on Thursday and it really hasn’t left since. I’ve read that Vitamin B6 helps with that, but by the time the afternoon rolls around, my vitamin wears off. I’ll be calling the dr. to see if I can take more of that in the afternoon. If not, I’ll learn to deal with it. It’s only temporary. It’s made for some lack of wanting to eat much of anything other than bland things or drinks. My current jeans are starting to get tight. I’ll have to wear some other pairs that are a little bigger until I get some prego pants. Haha. That still sounds surreal to me, that I’m pregnant. Crazy.

Anywho, last week is when we told the fam about our great news. We had a to tell a few people before hand because we just needed to tell someone. I wanted to come up with something creative (surprise) to tell the fam. I made brag books (kind of like photo albums, but I made them) for all the new grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles. Inside was a note that said “Dear Grandma & Grandpa, I’m really looking forward to meeting you in 9 months. Fill this brag book of photos and other momentos to show me off as I grow. I’m really excited to meet you. Love, Baby Tidd.” We gave Gary’s parents, sister and grandparents theirs last Sunday. Sheila kind of knew what it was b/c we told her we were starting to try. Gary’s mom opened it up and it took her until she read inside to get what was going on. She looked up at me and said “are you pregnant?” Hehe. Gary’s grandparents were thrilled as grandma had been wanting us to have kids for years now. Gary’s dad was really excited as well.

I sent books to my family all in one package for Wednesday and one to my grandparents so they’d get it before they left for a month vacation. To keep the story short, I had to have Ryan go get the package from Fed Ex because I couldn’t another day for them to find out. Soon after Ryan brought it home, dad called me so very excited. It’s always nerve-racking waiting for the reaction phone call, but it proved to be a great one. Martha opened the package and screamed. Dad wasn’t even in the same room and said “is she pregnant?” Haha. I told Alex the night I found out so he already knew and was anxiously waiting for us to tell dad and Martha. Everyone is so excited. This is the first for all of my family being the first grandchild, great grandchild on all 3 sides and first niece/nephew and great niece/nephew. This will be the first baby in awhile for Gary’s local family and they are all very excited as well.

We set this up so you follow us on our journey of parenthood. Stay tuned!
Gary & Christie