It’s the Big 3-0 for the Gar!

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Happy 30th Birthday Gary!!

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Well, we did it…

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We bought the house. :) We’re moving in a little sooner than normal so we can get into a lower tax bracket, so we should be moved in the week of May 1. It’s such an exciting thing, but a little scary all at the same time! We’re ready and are really looking forward to it, but it’ll just be a lot different than what we’ve become accustomed to the last 4 years. We’re excited and hope to have lots of visitors!


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This is the crib/dresser/changing table we want in the Ebony finish:
Just an FYI. :)

Oh, the baby…. :)

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For all of you folks who love to know what food size the baby is at week 13… it’s as big as a jumbo shrimp, about an ounce. :) Thought you’d like to know.

It’s snowing in MI in April, but clearer weather ahead…

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I had my regular appointment on Tuesday. All went well, in and out in 15 minutes. She found the heartbeat with the Doppler this time, pretty much right away (last week she saw the heart beating with the Ultrasound). It was so cool. I wish Gary could have heard it, but he had to take care of some internship paperwork. There’s always next time. So after a few hurdles in the beginning, hopefully we’re on to smoother roads.

Lovenox shots are well under way, making little bruises along the way. They feel like bee stings, some last about 20 minutes, some I don’t feel much at all. Being the wonderful husband he is, Gary gives the shots right away in the morning. What a trooper.

Well not only do my friends and I back home get married in the same month (or within a year), but we like to have kids within a week of eachother. Erin & Brandon are expecting #1 on October 22 and Kristen & Dan are also expecting #2 on October 22! How cool is that! On top of that Marc & Nisi are due in August with #2, Nick & Allison are due in August with #1, Kathi & Troy are due in September with #3, and then the 3 of us in October. I also found out a couple friends from highschool are expecting in September/October. It’s a baby boomer year! It’s almost as if God wanted to put us a little closer through this even though all of us are across the US and Canada. So as we went through the million weddings in one summer a few years ago, we’re now going through a million kids in one year. Please keep all of us in your prayers, but also keep in your prayers an old classmate and coworker who just found out she lost her baby about 10-12 weeks into her pregnancy. You just never know what God has in store for our lives.

Gary had a 2nd round interview for a job position at Steelcase on Monday. He actually interviewed for 2 positions during this time, one seemed to be very tailored to his talents and abilities, so maybe this is one they’re creating for him? Not sure. Either way, he found out that Steelcase is a very family friendly place to work with a lot of people working there for many years, this is different from what he heard otherwise. So that was really nice to hear. It would be awesome to secure a job at this point, too!

We’re also in the process of going through the pros and cons to this house we love in Allendale. Maybe we over analyze things, I don’t know. But everything else we’ve done we could change if we didn’t like it or it didn’t work out. With a house, it’s a lot bigger deal. So hopefully after talking it over with the parents and realtor this weekend, we can make a decision next week. Exciting! Here’s what we’re looking at:

I guess that’s all for now. We’ll keep you posted on job, house and baby (next appointment May 8)! Have a great weekend!

Gary & Christie

A little poke here, little poke there

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I’m well on my way to thinner blood! Thank you Lovenox! :)


One of many bumps in the road

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I got a call on Monday from my nurse, Joy, saying that my pap smear came back abnormal. She said not to worry, so I tried not to. :) She scheduled me a little more time for next week’s appointment to do a colposcopy (more in depth pap smear). I told Gary what she said and he called her back just to hear why it would come back abnormal. She said it could be a host of things that it could be, but that we shouldn’t worry and these cells should be wiped out during labor. So after Gary called and talked to her, knowing I was a bit worried, moved up my colpsoscopy to yesterday.

We switched doctors to the female doctor in the office and we love her! She’s so nice, personable, and just a caring person. She talked to us about why it would be abnormal. Before we headed over to the precedure room, she tried to see if we could hear the heartbeat with the Doppler. To no avail, she couldn’t find it. So we headed over to the other room where she did the colposcopy. And as an added feature, I got to see my cervix up close and personal. Hehe. I know you wanted to know that, but you’ve joined the ride of Christie’s pregnancy. :) She showed us what she was looking for and said everything looks good and she didn’t need to do a biopsy. Yay! So instead of waiting till next week, she wanted to see if she could get a heartbeat yet. She tried to find the baby with a regular Ultrasound, but again couldn’t find it. So she said the heck with it and did a vaginal Ultrasound (I know, I know… but it is what it is!). And there he/she was! It was absolutely amazing! It was this little body and big alien head with little fists and only one! She also could see the heartbeat. It was so cool, it was almost like sealing the deal. What a cool thing for us to share after the bumpy start we’ve had so far. I’ll go back next week for a regular exam and see if she could get the heartbeat again. Fun!

Another bump in the road came that night. We tracked the package with my Lovenox shots and found the order was cancelled. So to keep the story short, we were on the phone with a few different people to get an account established with the speciality pharmacy to wonder if my insurance would cover this really expensive prescription. Then after Gary couldn’t sleep last night and I woke up with worry, throughout the day we were in touch and the pharmacy was in touch with us, we were able to find out they did cover these shots. They will cover 90% of it actually, which is still $80 a month at $2.67 a shot and we’ll take it! The alternative is $800 a month at $26.67 a shot. Thank you amazing insurance! The little bit of headache in the last couple days made us feel a lot more at ease to know that we can afford them. God certainly brings us through these bumps in the road. So, about those shots everyday…. not looking forward to that, but I’ll live. :)

Otherwise, we’re doing well. The baby is about the size of a lime now. I’m still feeling good, just a few food adversions. Gary’s working on finishing up classes in the next few weeks and ready to finish up this chapter. And that’s about it for today.

I hope all is well with everyone, leave a message or email and I’ll write more soon!

Gary & Christie