Four years ago…

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Today marks 4 years since we took the plunge, walked down the aisle, started a new chapter or whatever you’d like to call it. Four years ago, Gary and I spent the day nervous, excited and ready to spend the rest of our lives together. It was a beautiful, somewhat warm June weekend back in SoHo. Family came in from out of town, vowing never to return to Chicago b/c that day just had to be the worst day for traffic and accidents in all the years I can remember. Either way, they were happy to arrive and start the festivities. Flowers were being delivered, hair and makeup being done, getting into our monkey suits as Gary called this morning and everyone trying to get to the church on time!

Gary and I did pictures before the ceremony, so we had our special moment together (mostly alone) right after lunch. It was the only time during the day that we would be alone and ourselves. It was amazing and a moment I’ll never forget. From there we proceeded to get all the pictures in, gave hugs to family and friends and got in our positions.
I’d say the rest of the day was a blur, but it wasn’t. It just went by really fast. We had amazing ceremony with all the sentimental meaning necessary needed for such a day, my mom’s quilt representing her presence, flowers to honor those who’ve passed on. Friends and family filled the sanctuary witnessing our nuptuals and participating where their talents deemed fit. It was beautiful. On our way to the reception, we stopped by the cemetary to say hi to mom. I knew she was proud that day, I knew she was happy for Gary & I, I just wish she was able to know what an amazing man, husband and soon to be dad Gary is. Someday she will.

Our reception was so much fun! Good food, great company, delicious cake and lots of dancing! Our DJ was awesome, everyone was out there dancing all night long having a blast. We were able to catch up with friends that moved away, family we haven’t seen in a long time and everyone in between.

I wouldn’t change that day for anything.
So much has changed since that day, but so much has remained the same. I couldn’t ask for a better marriage and never imagined it to be as amazing as it is.

It’s been awhile, sorry!

Category : Blogger Posts : 2007-2010

Sorry it’s taking me so long to update this thing. We’ve been busy getting the house and yard ready for our big shindig this weekend so we’ve spent minimal time on the computer in recent weeks.

I just had another doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. She said that everything looked good from my Ultrasound (she doesn’t know what it is either, so you can’t call her and find out, hehe), everything is growing properly, heart rate was good then and it was good at the appointment. I think it was in the 160’s. At the next appointment is when they will check my blood sugar levels to make sure I don’t have gestational diabetes. If I did, then I would have to change my diet which isn’t horrible, but not something that would be fun. So let’s pray all goes well there.

The last few weeks the baby has really become active. At first it was just little butterfly pokes here and there. Last week Gary was able to feel it move for the first time and this week he was able to feel it actually kick and move his hand up and down. It’s been kicking a lot and rolling around quite a bit. It’s really cool and amazes me everyday what I’m actually doing. It seems to have a bit of a schedule. Usually on my way to work, around 10, around 1-2, on my way home and 9-10 is when it’s most active. I guess it’s when I’m finished eating or when I’m about ready to eat. I like schedules. I hope that it’ll have one when it’s born too. :) Fat chance, but I can wish can’t I?

After the party, we’re going to start focusing on the baby’s room and registering for the showers. I have a book what what I’m going to do in the room, keeping it gender neutral with nature colors and a pond theme (light yellows, greens, blues, purples, pinks, browns). That’ll be a process throughout the summer as I’m doing the whole room. On top of that, we’re doing the 2nd bathroom upstairs in frogs, but more bolder, fun colors. I’m excited to get started on that, not only b/c it’s for the baby, but because we can finally put our touch on the house. Don’t get me wrong, the colors in the house are great and not just beige, but putting your own spin on things always makes it that much more, yours.

I haven’t posted many pictures and for that I’m sorry. I will, tonight, take pictures of our clean house with stuff in it, my gardening bench in the garage, tomorrow’s festivities and post those soon. I would post my prego pictures, but I’m about 90% there. I’m showing in terms of what I see each day, but to others I may not. But I will document that as well so you can see our beautiful faces. :) What it all comes down to is that I’ll post a lot more pictures this summer, promise!

Gary and I are doing well in our jobs. Family is doing good and we’re excited to hang out with a lot of them this weekend!

Stay posted for pics and have a great weekend!

Love to you all!
Gary & Christie

Half way there!

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We’re over half way done already! Yesterday marked 21 weeks. Everything is going well as fas as we can tell. We didn’t hear anything back from the doctor in regards to the Ultrasound last week, so consider no news is good news. The baby has become very active this week. Every few hours I get 15-20 minutes of what I can only describe to those who haven’t had kids or men, as bubble pokes. They aren’t like a finger poke on the arm, just little bubbles (like gas I suppose) in my stomach. After awhile of all these little pokes, I say, ok I know your there now. Hehe. It’s really neat to feel and can’t wait for Gary to be able to feel the baby move. I’m almost ready to look pregnant. I’m guessing in the next few weeks there will be a big difference. I’m hoping to fill out the maternity dress I bought for Ryan & Angela’s wedding.

Most guys won’t care about this, but I orginally bought this dress at Old Navy for $40, brought it back for reimbursment from the internet price of $25, found out it went down in 2 days to $7! Talk about an amazing deal. I told Gary I can get expensive shoes now. :) Hehe. Just about ready to buy some new clothes, but still not quite there.

We’re doing well otherwise. Bought blinds to do all of the 2nd floor and the basement last night. That should be a great time putting them up. Work is slow right now. Yay! Gary’s work is going well. The house is coming along nicely. We’re just preparing for the grad party in a few weeks right now.

Next doctor’s appointment is Tuesday, June 19. Until then, I’ll update with any other new things going on. Have a great weekend everyone!

Gary & Christie