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I had a whole post started for Tuesday, the 5th Anniversary of my mom’s home going. It was full of emotion, what I miss, what could have been, all those thoughts and feelings that take over on anniversary’s. But I didn’t want to post it. After thinking about it, it was more for my benefit of getting those things out than an honor to my mom.

My mom was an amazing person, even if she didn’t think she was anything special. She gave us life long reminders of her love, her care, just her. She quilted elaborate quilts our whole life, for our bed, for family to cuddle with and display on their walls, to curl up on the couch with when we’re sick, for those who haven’t even been born yet. She gave me her looks, I sound like her when I cough, I have her long fingernails (minus the hole in my thumbnail for quilting). I didn’t obtain her relaxed nature of being able to sit still for hours though. :) She started to dive into ancestry dragging us to cemetaries for pictures, churches to look at microphiche and the anticipation of the Ellis Island website to launch, giving us deeper family values. She started to show us her uniqueness in doing a perennial garden and dad has kept up the green thumb with an elaborate veggie garden and keeping some of mom’s plants going. She gave us a shoulder to cry on, a lap to cuddle in (ahem… Alex) when we were little, someone to laugh with, someone we could count on no matter what. God gave us what he thought was the perfect amount of time for us to be with her. Those are the things that make me smile and realize that even when times are hard, you miss someone like the day they died, when all you want to do is call your mom, that God has the ultimate plan and won’t leave us behind.

Last weekend with all the storms and flooding, we weren’t able to spend the weekend at grandpa’s like we originally planned. Instead we were able to spend the day with Uncle Ron and Auntie Pat, Dan and Amy at their cottage in Decatur. I didn’t realize this, but it was Gary’s first time on a seadoo and I only took pictures of him getting a ride on Dan’s seadoo not of him taking one out on his own. Sorry honey! We had a good day with all of them.

This week we potentially picked up a couple of web jobs, so that’ll keep us busy for awhile with a little extra money coming in. Gary had a couple of interviews that went well and has a few follow ups to make with other interviews today. We’ll see if anything comes out of them! I’ve been on a roller coaster with trying to get my new medication filled, heparin shots, with anyone. What a nightmare dealing with the insurance company and seeing if anyone in town will fill it. We finally have the hospital downtown able to fill it. Good thing this prescription is only for about 6 weeks.
I was able to get a couple fish painted in the baby’s room this week. Turtle and frog left. The baby is doing well, moving constantly and getting bigger every day. Next appointment is this coming Tuesday. Then I think one more in 2 weeks, then we’re on to the weekly schedule. I can’t believe the time is almost here! Our birthing class is on the 8th, our first shower is on the 22nd and then after that we’ll be waiting for the big day to arrive! Crazy.

I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to a nice long weekend. I know I am. :)
Until next week!

Gary & Christie

The veggies are back!

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I found another cool baby site, http://www.thenestbaby.com/, which is actually a sister site to theknot.com and thenest.com for all you recent newlyweds. They have the entire pregnancy set up with the fruit/veggie sizes each month or so of the baby like I was getting in earlier newsletters. Anyway, here is the baby at 7 months:

It’s about 4 pounds about and about 17″ long. It’s gaining rapidly now!

Getting closer…. 8 weeks left

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Only a couple short months left now. We’re getting excited and more anxious to meet this little person. Had my doctor’s appointment yesterday and everything is looking good. The baby is the ready position with it’s head hitting my bladder all day long and kicking me in the ribs and rolling all over. Heartbeat is good, my weight is good, we’re going to switch over to Heprin shots after my last 12 shots of Lovenox are finished. These are a lot cheaper but I have to do 2 shots a day instead of one. Not looking forward to that, but oh well I guess. Next appointment is in 2 weeks again.

The baby’s room is coming along really well, I’d say I’m about 75% done. I’m excited to have it become the baby’s room instead of my painting room. :)

We received from a friend of my mother in law a whole container full of neutral newborn to 9 month old clothes, newborn diapers, a take a long swing, craddle type thing and a bouncer. It was like Christmas and it was definitely appreciated! I can’t believe we’re going to have something that small to fit into the little diapers and little clothes.

For my birthday last week, Gary and I headed to Grand Haven for the evening. We sat on the lawn by the channel, people watched, had some dinner and ice cream, walked the shops and just enjoying being together and getting away from the house for awhile. It was a really nice birthday. Speaking of birthdays, today would have been my mom’s 48th birthday. Crazy how much time has passed from 5 years ago. So tonight I added a little parmesan cheese to my spaghetti in honor of her (she always loaded her’s with it and I don’t usually put any on). Monday will be 5 years since she passed away.

Gary and I doing well at work. He’s able to continue working as an intern till the end of October and meanwhile we’re hoping to find a permanent job somewhere. He’s had 2 really good interviews and will have another on Monday. We know God has a plan for us, we just need to be patient. Work is fine for me, nothing much to report there.

Otherwise we’re looking forward to spending the weekend with Grandpa Tiemens and visiting with Uncle Ron and Auntie Pat at the lake.

Have a great rest of the week!

Gary & Christie

Past a quarter century

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Well seeing as I’m the one that writes the blog, that I have the right to say….. It’s my birthday! :) I’m now in the 26-30 age bracket for surveys, I’m older than an antique and I’m at the boring age of 26. Nothing really happens in the next few years, you just inch closer to 30. :) But it’s all good.

I got a beautiful Willow Tree figurine Cherish from Gary. It’s the lady with the big pregnant belly. Love it. My friend Jenn took me out to Applebees for lunch. And tonight Gary and I are going to spend the evening in Grand Haven. It’s been a nice day so far.

So… Happy 26th Birthday to me! :)

Slower, bigger and getting more excited!

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We’re on week 31, only 9 more to go! Hokey Pete! I’m glad God gives us the 9 months to prepare for this new arrival as it’s a slow enough pace to get used to the idea, get your house ready and to learn as much as you can before it gets here. I’m getting bigger, slowing down more and more and getting more anxious to meet this squirmer! The baby loves it’s daddy’s voice already. When it’s moving while I’m laying in bed and we’re talking, Gary puts his hand on my belly and usually for it to keep moving, we have to keep talking. I think it likes his smooth low voice. That makes him that much more attached to the baby. So cute.

The baby’s room is coming along nicely. My deadline for myself is the weekend of September 22. That’s when I’ll have the Chicago baby shower, so I want it all ready for whatever comes back with us. I’ve got the pond in with a lot of grass and the big willow tree. It’s turning out nicer than I thought and the pace I’m going, it’s a lot of fun. I have the rest of the larger animals to do, a few small insects buzzing around, flower/rock garden, flowers, cattails and to pick out a verse that I’ll paint on the wall behind the door. Seems like a lot, but it goes quickly when you have a few hours to devote to it at a time.

Gary’s had some interviews the past couple weeks! After our couple night pounding of applying and looking for jobs, he’s interviewed with a company for contract work out of Muskegon that could turn into a full time job, an interview tomorrow with iServ (internet service provider located in GR) and one with Gentex in Zeeland on Friday. We’ve been praying diligently that God will provide Gary with the right position for him, so we’ll see what He has in store for him. My work is going well, keeping busy trying to get everything updated and running smoothly before I leave for a couple months. We’ve been getting a lot of leads on web work as well, so we’ll how all those pan out.

Otherwise we’re doing well. We have most of the things registered for at Babies R Us with a few more things to register for somewhere. Our birthing class is set up for September 8 and around that time we’ll pre register at Zeeland Hospital for when the big day comes! We’re looking forward to having Alex and Nicole back in town, at Calvin, so we can see them more often. Last week’s doctor’s appointment went well. My numbers from my glucose test were way under their limit, so that was good to see. The baby’s heartbeat is a strong 150 and I measure about 2cm bigger than I guess I should. The doctor said it could be b/c of where the baby was at the time, me or it could just be a little bigger of a baby. We shall see. Next appointment is Tuesday for another check up. The baby is about 16″ now and about 3-4 pounds and I guess we’re heading into a growth spurt. Oh dear! I think I’m already feeling the pains of that. :)

Alright, I think that’s enough for tonight. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. :)

Love to you all!

Gary & Christie

The results are in…

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I finally got a hold of my nurse (she was out last week) and asked her about my 3 hour glucose test from last Tuesday. She said my numbers were great, better than what they look for! So now I can breathe a sigh of relief (and I had a celebritory Snickers). Thank you for the prayers, they were greatly appreciated. Next on the prayer list, getting through the last 10 weeks and that all continues to go well and that we can establish a permanent job for Gary. He’s looking hard and takes comfort in knowing that GFS has a place for him for quite awhile yet. We both know God will provide the right job for him at the right time, it’s all just matter of His time.

Next appointment is tomorrow, regular routine I’d imagine. We’re starting to set up the baby shower for the one before the baby comes in Chicago. We’re having another one with Gary’s side after the baby comes. We have just about everything registered for at Babies R Us and the other things we need, have been accounted for. It’s crazy that it’s this close. I’m still nervous, but getting excited to meet this little baby. It’s going to be awesome.

Until next time!
Gary & Christie

The first critters!

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Here are some pictures of the first batch of critters I did this weekend in the baby’s room. It’s going well and they are turning out better than I thought it would. Next stage, the tree and pond…yeesh. :)


A little eye candy for you…. Dana…. :)

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A plethera of pictures from the last few days for your enjoyment! To see them larger, click on them (sorry for the upclose and personal pictures of people, hehe).

The tallest flag pole is in Sheboygan, WI. The flag, measuring 30 feet high by 60 feet long atop a 150 foot pole, was raised by ACUITY as a statement of gratitude for the service and sacrifice of those who have protected America’s freedom. The flag itself is 90 pounds with stars standing 5 foot tall! It was really cool to see.

Not too shabby of a picture of the Chicago skyline from inside the car.

Aww… the happy couple – Ryan & Angela

This type of picture has become Gary’s signature picture. You gotta watch him with a camera!

Another nice shot by Gary – this is at Angela’s parents house in their backyard.

A pretty good Tiemens family shot – dad always has to be talking in pictures!
A favorite past time of Alex and Nicole’s -slacklining – the eager youngin’s looking on in amazement.

The next phase of the baby’s room. I have the sky and the clouds in all around the room. Next phase is the critters, pond and willow tree. For me not ever really doing this, it’s turning out really good (sorry to pat myself on the back…hehe)!

11 Weeks Left!

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Last week Tuesday I took the infamous glucose test, drinking a liquid that tasted like flat orange pop with a cup of added sugar. From this test they can see if my blood sugar is too high. This was the case for me. I was at 151 which is slightly over their 140 cut off point. Needless to say, I was a little upset about the prospect of having gestational diabetes, changing my diet and poking myself more. So then I had to schedule the 3 hour glucose tolerance test at the hospital. I did that yesterday. For this test, I had to fast for 8+ hours. They drew blood right when I got there, then I drank an even sweeter version of the glucola, tested my blood again in a half hour, then in another half hour after then, then another 2 times every hour for a total of 5 times. This is so they can see if it my blood sugar peaks and goes back down to see if I really do have gestational diabetes. I probably will find out the results today. If I do, it’s not the end of the world to do these things for the next couple months, but it’s not something I’m looking forward to either.

The baby is moving all the time, rolling, poking, even doing some weird shakes like Gary does when he stretches. I don’t really have a reason, but I feel like this is a boy. I did have a dream the other night that I went into labor and we had a boy. I’ll be pleasantly surprised if it’s a girl, but I feel like we’re bringing a little guy into the world. Either way, as long as it’s healthy, I’m excited! It’s about 2 1/2 pounds now, 14-15 inches or so and gaining about a half pound a week. It’s still crazy what I’m doing here, that God has made our bodies capable to sustain another life and how each element of their bodies develop throughout the 9 months. Amazing.

The baby’s room is coming along slowly but surely and very cute. That’s the way I planned it, not to stress out too much about it. I have the sky in and the first layer of the clouds. I’m planning on working on it awhile each night. Tonight I’ll add some dimension to the clouds and finish out the week getting the butterflies and bird in, maybe some more elements, but we’ll see how far I get.

I’m feeling good, getting a little bigger each week. Work is going well, keeping busy there. Gary’s job is going well, still on the hunt for a permanent position, but has had/will have some interviews. We know God will provide the right job for him, we just have to be patient. We’ve also been getting some new side work coming in and we’ve started to plan out our next phase with our own side businesses. Exciting stuff! We also were able to be apart of Ryan and Angela’s wedding this past weekend in Wisconsin. It was a lot of fun to see all the planning and preparation come together! It’s cool to have Angela officially apart of the family as the step-sister-in-law! Congrats you guys!

Keep us in your prayers in regards to the test results for me, for Gary’s job prospects and that the baby continues to grow healthy.

Stay tuned!
Gary and Christie