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**Anna watching TV for a brief moment, looking a lot like daddy when he watches TV. Hehe.**

So I usually post about a few weeks in review and how we’re doing. With Anna’s personality really shining through from time to time, I’ll post more stories of Anna that we can’t help but find funny. :)

So last weekend, I was in the bathroom on the main floor. I knew Anna was by the Christmas tree and Gary was in the kitchen. I wasn’t watching her at the time and all of a sudden she started to bawl! I thought maybe she broke an ornament and it hurt her. I look at her and immediately called Gary to go over and help her. Anna knows she’s not supposed to take the ornaments off the tree or really play with anything on there besides some little trees with a bell at the bottom that I showed her. She took off a glass ball ornament and was holding it in her hand. She stood there, with her head down, fumbling the ball in her hands and bawling, like “oh crap, I know I’m not supposed to do that and now mom and dad are going to yell at me. Oh man, I don’t know what to do but cry!” We couldn’t yell at her b/c she’d had done enough damage to herself with just taking it off the tree. It was too cute!

This was a few weeks ago. So after Anna’s bath, we let her run around naked in her room and in the hall way for a few minutes before she get’s ready for bed. We’d been letting her do that for some time now and for some reason that night I had this thought “Crazy how she hasn’t pooped or even peed on the carpet yet.” Thought too soon. That night it was just me and I let her run to her room after her bath while I’ll emptied the tub. I had that thought as I left the bathroom and the few short steps I took to her room, I saw her squatting by her toys on the floor. Her cute little naked butt up in the air with a small puddle beneath her and a little surprise coming out her rear. I wasn’t mad and didn’t really say anything b/c obviously we let her do it and what do we expect?! But I couldn’t believe after that split thought I had moments before would I come into her room to find a little present for me to clean up. Too funny.

More to come! Stay tuned. :)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Category : Blogger Posts : 2007-2010

This Christmas time is certainly different for us than last year. We talked about it recently, how excited we were that Anna could hold her head up when she was on her tummy and how she could fit her entire body on a big pillow. We look at her this season, with her running around, mesmerized by the Christmas tree, it’s lights and the fun little toys hanging from the tree. Amazing how much growing a baby does in 1 year! This year, she’ll be able to open her own gifts and possibly enjoy them for about 2 minutes till she’s off finding other things to play with. She can enjoy the wonderful food and goodies that Christmas brings, see all the lights and decorations, pointing at them saying “that”, watch her eyes light up when we turn the Christmas tree on, playing in the snow in her giant snowsuit and boats – intrigued but unsure. Gary and I are so excited to start new traditions with her and with this little one next year. Going shopping together to find those perfect gifts for the kids, baking cookies at grandma’s house, waking up on Christmas morning to see all that Santa brought, going to church, learning more of what this season means, singing Christmas Carols (and learning mommy’s love of Christmas music 24/7 if possible). So many things that we can share with our kids that has only just begun! We almost wish they’d get a little bigger already to enjoy these things more, but I know, that time will come and I’ll wish for them to be small again, to have all that childlike innocence.

Our biggest gift this year is this new baby that will make our family of 4. Eventhough it was a huge surprise to us, we know that God has given us this little baby for a reason and are so excited to meet this little person! It has been an uneventful pregnancy, so that may be why there’s a lack of detail about this one as I’ve moved along. I popped faster, so I’ve felt pregnant for awhile now. I’ve gained a little weight with this one, but only a few more than I did with the 8-10 I did with Anna. My shots are going fine. I’m actually switching over to the heparin shots twice a day in about a week. This will allow me to get an epideral if I were to go into labor, otherwise they won’t touch me with the Lovenox shots. I’m hoping it works this time – I know how it feels now, so I don’t feel it this time, I’m very much cool with that. :) I’ll be induced again, on January 20, if nothing happens by the 18th. I think I like being induced, so I know that I’ll be having a baby that day instead of waiting for my water to break. For a planned person, this is ideal. :) Otherwise, baby is doing great. Moving and kicking all the time, so much more than Anna. I’ve been measuring 2-3 weeks bigger for a couple months, but I did with Anna too. I still think this one will be in the 7 pound range. We’ll see, the time is quickly approaching! I’ve been slowly working on the baby’s room and hope to have it finished in the next 2 weeks so it can be clear coated and furniture moved in.

I’ve enjoyed coming up with new ways to decorate for Christmas, with all the blog reading and inspiration I’ve seen over the past years, I’ve done things a little differently. The Christmas shopping was done a lot online, handmade or in short order this year. It seems a little less stressful. The cookie baking with Gary’s mom will be this Saturday – we make the classics that Gary grew up with along with a new recipe or 2 that we like to take on. The weekend after that begins the festivities of Christmas! We have a lot to be thankful for, our home, our jobs, financial stability in these tough times, Anna and the new baby, our family and friends, cars that run most of the time, food for each meal, the freedom to celebrate the birth of our Savior with other believers, our health, the good news that Gary’s grandpa’s test showed that a lot of the cancer is gone or has shrank tremendously and so much more! We should reflect on this more throughout the year instead of just during the holidays. God does provide for us 24/7/365.

Gary and I are doing well. Jobs are good and keeping us busy. Gary’s been in charge of the majority of the IT projects for the new arena Calvin has built. So he’s been very busy and very proud to be a part of such a big project! We’re going to try and take advantage of the free sports tickets Gary can get and see some basketball games this winter. My job is going fine. There are moments of frustration with learning new things, but they get worked through and all seems to be going alright. We’ve been in the midst of holiday planning, baby preparations and watching the endless snow fall. Gary had toe surgery last week to cure some ingrown toenail issues, so he’s been on the road to recovery. I’ll spare you the gorry details. :) We were given tickets to go with our friend Jenn to the Grand Rapids Symphony Holiday Pops concert on Saturday. It was an amazing gift and we really enjoyed it! It truly sets the tone for the Christmas season with beautiful music and singing.

Otherwise, all is well at the Tidd house. Anna is getting bigger, making us laugh, be amazed or seeing our parents come out in us with getting after her for something. :)

ENJOY THE NEW PICTURES TOO! Here are some of the crazy girl and some holiday photos.

I hope this finds all of you well, having a stress-free or close to it anyway, Christmas season so far!