Changes are a-comin’! Month 6: Two under 2

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Well I had most of a post typed out last week and somehow it didn’t save any of it. Bummer. So here we start again. Changes, I say. Are we pregnant again for the 3rd summer in a row?! Heck no. Hehe. Are we moving? Nope and I really don’t want to for a long time. Did either of us lose our jobs? Nope, thankfully we’re holding our own. It’s not that dramatic I suppose, but in the nearer than farther future, we’re going to be switching blog locations to a place that may host images and videos a lot easier than this one. It’ll be an easy name change, so no worries to my followers. Gary and I are also going to start our own blog featuring things from finances to parenting to product reviews. Pretty much all things that encompass our daily lives. We have a lot of ideas and things that we truely believe in, so what better way than empty our brains than into a blog! I know, it’s another thing to add to our never ending lists of projects but we’re shifting gears and finalizing other projects in the near future, so stay tuned for that possibly starting up in the fall.

More summer pictures of the girls!

The girly girls are doing well. Miss Izzy is a droolin’ machine, saturating a couple bibs a day. She’s well on her way to her first tooth. I don’t see any yet, but they are workin’ their way up! She began her crawling just over 2 weeks ago and today, she’s army crawling like a mad fool and getting up on all 4’s with the cute little rock babies do – working her way over to wherever Anna is and wanting to eat whatever toy she’s playing with. I can imagine those 2 in 2 years whispering secrets and running up and down the stairs, giggling the whole way. Can’t wait! We began more solid food this weekend for the Izmeister – squash to start and on to peas! We got a screwed up face the first bite, but after that, loved it! After we get through all the veggies, we’ll start fruit. I’m sure she’ll love it just as much as Anna does. She’s been sleeping good at night but usually cat naps during the day, so that’s alright – she doesn’t like to miss anything! She’s still our little cuddlebug – her morning naps on Sunday are in the arms of mommy or someone else. Love it.

Ms. Anna has an ever expanding vocabulary which now entails parts of the alphabet (jklm), parts of 1-10, calling her clothes “cute”, knowing what belongs to her, mommy, daddy and Izzy by pointing at a vehicle (which the van is Anna’s), “glasses”, “anana” for banana, “flower” and the other day I heard her say one of her friends names Owen, she goes “Ooooowwwwwwehh”, so cute! Her poor little mouth is going through a growth spurt again of her 4 eye teeth. We had a few days of Tylenol and hearing “piiiiieee” (which is pipe) for comfort. But one has broken through so hopefully it’ll be a little easier on her. She still loves to read her books (especially on the potty and the potty book at that!), her new thing are these 2 little babies that you can put hats and clip on clothing along with feeding them a “ba-ul” (bottle) and putting them to bed. She has 2 and usually shares one with Izzy, so she can eat it of course. She’s a great, big sister and loves to make sure Izzy has the same thing she does, like a blankie or book or baby. She loves it when Izzy bats at her face or eats her nose. You can see the bond they are making already.

Mom and dad are doing well. We’ve hit the beach a couple times now (when summer decided to show up), had a picnic in the park, finishing up some freelance projects and in the midst (still) of putting our basement back together. We’re enjoying watching the girls play and grow each day, trying to remember all those little things they do now and will slowly fade away as time goes on, making our marriage even stronger, our financial situation that much better and encouraging each other to be better parents – can’t get much better than that! We’re headed up to Beaver Island in a couple weeks and we’re so excited for this mini-vacation. A long weekend of relaxing (or me finding little projects to work on), swimming and enjoying the beautiful views.

A few updates of the basement

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Gary, Christie, Anna and Izzy