Where have we been?!

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I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I touched this blog. So sorry followers! We are still alive and kicking, I promise! Here’s pictures of late summer fun!

The month of September has come and gone. The Lord gave us a little summer after school was back in session and now we’re seeing the leave start changing beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. The air has a little bit of humidity and little bit of a nip to it. The honeycrisp apples are eaten like candy and the canning of peaches already took place. The making of plans for a trip to the orchard and preparing for Anna’s 2nd birthday party are underway. This year has flown by and probably won’t stop there.

Nothing terribly exciting going on in the Tidd house. Izzy started full fledged crawling and is everywhere now. We started giving her some table food along with her baby food and is handling it really well (no gagging episodes as we experienced with Anna way too many times). She says “mamamama”, “babababa” and “dadadada”, but not really putting them with what they are yet. She’s taking a lot of mental notes while watching big sister run around the house and gearing up to take over eventually. She continues to be our little cuddle bug as this week she got the flu and stayed home with mom and/or dad for a few days. She enjoyed napping on us and maybe got too used to it as naptime in her own room was a struggle from time to time. She loves being kissed on her cheeks and just melts right into you. Her hair is getting longer and she looks like such a little person now. 8 months old already! Crazy how big she is now – about 16.5 pounds (with wet diaper). Still a peanut by many other baby standards but smart as a whip. :)

Miss Anna still tries to rule the roost with her pleas of “ouchy” even when the said “ouchy” is a week old or barely there or her need to watch “Cars” everyday. It’s gotten to the point where Gary and I analyze the movie, like what’s the names of the sports cars or was the way McQueen headed back to find Mac actually the right way? Oh my. Well we had such a positive first week of potty training and it ended another week later with Gary and I barely thinking or talking about anything else other than what we were doing wrong that she stopped telling us and just going in her pants or when she was going to pee next. It was the most frustrating things we’ve gone through as parents (I’d take a screaming infant over PT anyday)! So we asked her if she wanted to go back into diapers and she let a clear “yes”. We felt defeated and like failures for awhile. At first she wasn’t sure about the diaper again but she soon was fine with it once again. Then she started saying potty again and she’d go! Then we went to not telling us or saying dry when we knew she was pushing. And now we’re slowly getting back to her staying potty to us and she’s associating going potty with a cookie now, so at least she’s starting to get it and doing it! She’s also starting to talk is almost sentences, associating what is hers and other people things, being more specific like we have a van and a car, instead of just car or mommy’s or daddy’s. She sings her ABC’s almost fully and such a joy to hear her little voice sing it (note to self, video that!). She likes mommy to sing all the Bible songs in her little lullaby book along with the never ending song of “The Wheels on the Bus”. She’s starting to say names very clearly, her “s” are very clear and she just started putting the “n” on the end of things that were once a little airy.

The two of them together is only something sisters know. They both get excited when they see each other in the morning. Anna shares her blanket with Izzy from time to time. She wants to help feed and burp her on occasion, too. Izzy follows Anna’s every move from stair climbing to hoisting herself up on near her chair. I can only imagine the bond they will create with eachother as the years go on.

We are doing well in our own right. Certainly we are busy with dinner plans, running errands, housework and of course, keeping up with the girly girls, but we are happy, healthy, fed, clothed and warm. What more could you ask for? These girls teach us to slow down sometimes and just cuddle, to involve them in bigger things, to take in their soft baby skin and their little hands and feet, to be better parents, to be a better couple and to love more than you know you can love. It’s certainly amazing what happens each day in our family when you look at it, we just have to slow down or stop and take it in because before we know it, they’ll be flitting off to college.

I’ll post more of what’s going on with us soon, but since it’s been a month I figured an Anna and Izzy update was the most important. :)