She’s 2: Two under 3 begins!

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Fall is in full swing here in West Michigan. Where did the summer go or even fall for that matter? It’s gotten down into the 20’s some nights with a fresh layer of frost greeting us the next morning. Needless to say, the orange impatiens I left out front have gone to mush and my tomato plant couldn’t take the cold anymore.

We visited the local farm a couple weekends ago to gather the harvest of fresh hot spiced donuts, cold apple cider and our hoard of pumpkins. Earlier in the day, it was beautiful and sunny, somewhat “warm”. I dressed Anna in a long sleeved shirt and hooded sweatshirt and soon found out that wasn’t the best idea. Soon followed the runny nose and red cheeks, oh yeah, blue lips. I felt like I won the “worst mom of the year” award at that moment. But the trooper that she is, kept plugging away at the coloring pages, hay piles, barrel rides and the “spitty rain” wagon ride to the pumpkin patch. I guess to compensate for my failure in Anna’s attire, Izzy sat snuggly in her car seat, warm clothes, sweater and her blankie piled high. We did have an enjoyable time when we were there, just wished we waited a week. :)

This past weekend we celebrated Anna’s 2nd birthday! We had a fun little party with family and close friends. Anna was greeted from her nap with 25 people looking at her, so she was a bit shy at first. But soon she saw her loot and was quite happy in helping daddy pick out which one to open next. She made out with a ton of new winter clothes (thank you family!), lots of art supplies/crafty projects and lots of Cars stuff (favorite movie these days). I, as usual, wanted to try something new and a little time consuming for the birthday treat. Enter cake pops!

They took a while to get the hang of but boy were they good and big hit! We had a lot of fun seeing family and friends again and glad they could be a part of Anna’s big day.

Miss Isabella is certainly holding her own and making sure she’s a part of everything Anna does. She crawls with great speed, pulls herself up on anything (picture getting ready for work and the wee little one holding on to your leg to stand) and certainly loves being in the daddy/Anna wrestling action.

Here’s a story of the week. Place: Main floor of our house. Time: After dinner, daddy’s gone. Izzy: In the kitchen with me, unloading the dishwasher. Anna: Living room wanting to sit by the table and color. Me: Hears Anna’s cries for help (yes, everything to her is dramatic) to sit in her rocking chair by the table with her paper and box of crayons. I go to help her get situated and leave Izzy in the kitchen. This is what I see when I return to the kitchen:

So that’s a good visual of Izzy’s personality thus far. What a stinker!

For the last few weeks, I’ve been going to a Kickfit (think Tae Bo but with a bunch of skinny college girls) on Wednesday nights and it’s been awesome! I’ve been so inspired that I’ve been trying to do one work out at home with Gary! It was fun the one time we did it and hope to make more of a habit doing it. Hehe. :) I was on Weight Watchers for a year and a half before I got pregnant for Anna and lost about 45 pounds. I’ve been able to maintain that and a little more through both girls and now that we have the pregnancy thing under control, I’m trying to get back to working out more. It’s hard doing it on your own so I’m glad I have Gary on board somewhat and my friend and I are doing the class together – one step closer! :)

Our jobs have been crazy busy in the last few weeks – job security! Close to wrapping up some side work – yes, this is really going to happen this time! Yay! Doors and trim, here we come. But over all, we’re doing well. No one has been too sick as of yet, we get to wear sweaters (!) and we’re moving in to the holiday season (I still would like to know what happened to summer). We can’t complain a whole lot – no one would listen anyway. :)

Here’s to a wonderful but rainy and cold weekend!
Love to you all,

Gary, Christie, Little One and Wee Little One