Mommy, color your fingernails?

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The little girl who can go from digging in the dirt to stomping on bugs can go to wanting her necklace and ring and eating on her princess plate inquired at the right time for mommy to paint not only her toenails but her fingernails too for the very first time.  Both girls are squirmy, to impatient to sit THAT LONG so I never did it.  Some moms are doing it at 3 months.  Nahh… no need to move them along in life that fast.  So I grabbed the box of nailpolish along with the bottle of removers for those curious fingers and brought it downstairs.  I opened the box and Anna with an “oooohhhh” in a breathy excited tone.  I told her she could pick out a color and of course she picks those weird colors I’ve had since highschool.  Don’t want to talk about that.  On the 3rd try she picked a pretty glittery girly pink.  Perfect.  She sat on the chair next to me and to took her tiny toes into my hands and began the “coloring.”  She cooperated really well and then wanted to her fingers done too.  I obliged and got through that without much hassle.  Good thing for 10 year old Quick Dry from Mary Kay that still works!  Izzy even let me do her toes too – well I say “let” she didn’t really want to and seemed like she thought it would hurt.  But we got her pudgy little toes pretty in pink too, a little Quick Dry and off she went to wonder why mommy smuggled her and put this stuff on her toes.  :)

As the day went on, Anna was showing Aunt Sheila her “broken” fingers and “not broken” fingers aka the ones she picked off the polish and the ones she didn’t.  She told me later that I had to “fix it, mommy”.  Hehe.  Those little girls are getting so big already…… ::sigh::…..


Smart or Crazy?

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So instead of us running the Calvin 5k Classic on Saturday morning in the iffy 60 degree weather, we decided to prep a little more for the big OAMC day!  Sounds like a pretty exciting thing, right?  Well it is.  It stands for Once A Month Cooking.  I put out a distress signal on Facebook a couple weeks ago to see if there was anyone interested in doing it with me and I got some great responses!  Most of them were out of state except one, my friend Nisi of A Foody Craft and a long time friend of ours.  She loves cooking and I love the idea of cooking and having fast but tasty meals for my family ready after work, so it was the perfect marriage.  I’ve seen books and a few other blogs I frequent talk about this but haven’t really loved their recipes.  Now to all my wonderful family who still thinks of me as a picky eater, I’m about to wow you with the recipes we did.  But first, I found a blog a couple months ago aptly named Once a Month Mom and started going through her (Trish’s) site.  First of all, she is an amazing Christian woman with 2 little ones of her own and she does all this.  It’s truly amazing what she’s set at no cost to her readers.  If you go by her breakfast, lunch and dinner plan monthly, she has the entire grocery list made up, the recipes, packing and preparing instructions and labels!  On top of that, she made an AB plan, where she goes through what person A should be doing while person B does this on the day of.  Very cool.

After talking with Nisi, we decided based on our own needs, we really only need dinners.  So Nisi went through this years menu’s, made a list of recipes that sounded good to her and her family and narrowed it down to 7 this month.  The remaining recipes will wait till we do this again because we will.  :)   Nisi complied a list of ingredients, we chatted together on Facebook to figure what we already have and who was getting what.  We both had quite of a bit if the more common things like spices, corn starch, honey, etc but needed quite a bit of the meat and fresh items like pineapple, peppers, chicken and pork loin.  So we both headed to Sam’s and Meijer before we met up at our house at 1:30 on Saturday afternoon.

We corralled all our food on the counters, the kids were off playing already and we started in on the hot beef sandwiches that need to go in the crockpot.  From there we cut up chicken for the chicken spinach parm pitas, sweet and sour chicken, chicken broccoli pineapple stir fry and the chicken ranch pizza.  I know, lots of chicken.  We had a total of 30 pounds in house (don’t worry, we each took home a full package).  We chopped fresh pineapple, peppers, lots and lots of onions and garlic.  Boiled many a noodle for the cannelloni and made a chimichurri marinade for the grilled pork tenderloin.  All in all, we made 16 dinners for each of us to take home and feed a family of 4 in about 7 hours give or take.  Keep in mind this doing our own AB system and working together for the first time.  We hope next time we’ll have some prep work done and all we have to do is chop and assemble for the most part.

Overall I think it was a huge success.  Nisi was great to work with, learned a few more things and had a fun family day!  Thanks to the dads for watching the kids all day – they were troppers too!


It was inevidable

Category : Isabella

It was bound to happen someday and someday soon.  Our little Miss Izzy is quite the spitfire, doing the actual kicking and screaming, complete with feet stomping and a scowl.  Well, more like a perma-scowl.  Well Saturday morning, she was told no for whatever it was at that instance and… enter stopping feet and squealing with anger.  This resulted in her very first time out.  I know, I know, you think what horrible parents do that to a 15 month old or not our precious Isabella, but it’s true.  Daddy put her sitting down in front of the front door and we only had to sit her back down one time.  Throughout the whole, very long, excruciating 1.5 minutes, she scowled, cried and flailed her arms.  Even after our calm talk that she’s seen us do with Anna, she ran away with that beautiful scowl and ticked.

This is the 2nd time out – I know, I’m terrible for taking a picture of her in timeout but it’s too funny not to.

Not This Time

Category : Gary, Running

So Saturday we woke up to wet weather. Since we had planned on running the Calvin Spring Classic with the girls in tow, we decided to skip it since we did not want them out in the rain. Couple that with the fact that I had just gotten over being sick and it would have been a bad gamble for me as well.

We are though still on come rain or shine for the 5/3 Riverbank Run on May 8th. This has been a goal of ours since we began our healthier way of life this past October. So we will continue to train and work for the next couple weeks to get ready for race day.

She doesn’t take after her mother………

Category : Anna

Now I suppose this is just payback for what I did to my parents growing up, but Anna is a whiner.  We I try to not speak in those tones of whining (in rare instances I do it just to annoy Gary) but last night saying our prayers was the height of it all.  So we usually give her the first word of each line in her prayer (she can say it by herself if she was in the mood, but that’s rare as well).  It goes “Now I lay me, down to sleep, I pray the Lord, my soul to keep….”  So the first line Anna goes “Now I laaaAAYYYYYmmeeee” in this singsongy whiny voice.  I couldn’t help but laugh to myself.   She continues “down to ssslllllEEEEEppppp…..”  I thought she couldn’t keep this up through the whole prayer.  I was wrong.  It wasn’t until we get to our add on of “God Bless MoMMMYyyyy, daaDDDyyyyy”  then we get to Anna and Izzy and she started to giggle forgetting about the trend she’d been stuck in.  I know it’s a more serious time doing prayers, but I couldn’t help by roll my eyes and chuckle throughout her whiney escapade.  I guess maybe my mom whispered in her ear that she needs to give a little of that back to me.  :)

By the way, I posted some Easter pictures in our Flickr account, so go to the FR logo at the top and check them out!  It may take a little time to get used to how to browse the pictures, but click browse to view them all small, click on the ones you want to see bigger.  Let me know if you need any help!

Partying & Butterflies

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So here are some pictures I haven’t shared yet of the Tidd happenings from March.  Check out the pictures via Facebook yet here!

My First Outside Run

Category : Gary, Running

Well I (Gary) did it today, my first 5k running outside instead of on a treadmill. I did it in about 32 minutes. I am not sure the exact time as Alex timed it for us and he did not say specifically how long it took. The big point is though that I did it and survived, just barely but I survived.

Saturday is the Calvin Spring Classic which I am running in and we ran that same route today. I know now that I can do it and in a decent time too.

a fresh start

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Well I’ve seen you all made it to the other side – welcome!  Don’t worry, you won’t get lost.  It’s just a better place for all of us.  :)

As you can see, we’ve done a face lift to the ole blog and we’re quite please with how it’s turning out!  I had an idea awhile ago to separate a few of our passions, like the girls.  They need their own space as they sometimes do things together that are cute and funny and worth recording, but in all reality, their little selves come up with things all the time that are worth sharing even if it’s just a line or 2 but didn’t feel right in the old blog space.  So just like they have their own rooms, they have their own page now too (Boog = Anna, Squeaky = Izzy)!  Not only do they have their own space, but Gary and I have a space (The Parents) to talk about our happenings, albeit not near as exciting or entertaining as the girls, but interesting nonetheless.

At the top of the page you also see a few more headings titled:  Projects, Parenting and Money.  By no means are we experts on any subject or think you should follow our lead, it’s just a place for us to discuss or talk about projects from a lima bean wreath to laminate flooring, about anything to do with raising these 2 little girls from time outs to toys, and our road to a debt free life – all the things that are our life.

You’ll also notice inside the image are icons that take you to a few different places on the web.  The orange circle is our RSS feed, which means if you have a reader of some sort (Google Reader, etc), you can subscribe to any updates to our site via the reader.  The middle blue circle is our Vimeo link to our videos.  Currently I have been fighting with our proper camcorder and at odds with our back up.  But I do have some cute videos to get up soon.  Finally the FR circle is our Flickr page or a page to view our pictures.  This is a new addition to us as well so nothing is there right now.  No worries, I’m going to try to include pictures in the post again!

Finally on the right side you can see the archives of our old blog if you want to see when I announced our first pregnancy or Izzy’s debute.  It’s all still there, just now it’ll be a little more organized and hopefully a bit more entertaining with funny things Anna comes up with or motivating about our weightloss/get healthier life revamp.  Whatever you get out of it, we’re glad you’re here to walk this journey with us.

Love and sunshine to all!

Gary, Christie, Anna & Isabella