Be Ready Folks…..

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We have a new video camera and it works!  We’ll be back in full swing soon with more pictures, funny stories and videos.  Right now we’re in full on getting ready for vacation mode, finishing up wedding invitations and oh, getting ready for vacation.   See what I mean?  :)   I’ll be back soon.  All of us are alive and kicking!

Anna’s Secret Life | Part 5

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Here’s chapter 1, 2, 3 & 4 of Anna’s Secret Life to get caught up!

So the most recent addition to the so called secret life of Anna is something that’s kept at grandma’s……..  (with all this said, she sure has the storytelling of her Uncle Alex as proven by many years of report cards saying “loves to tell stories”)

Sorry about the delay in between the saga!  The summer sun and busyness of it all has taken over but we’re back with the next chapter.

So we have this running joke (ok, not a joke to me and Gary, but Gary’s dad thinks it’s hilarious) about getting the girls a puppy.  So much so, Anna got a stuffed puppy for Christmas a couple years ago to fill this void we have so horribly kept from our dear children who would if they could scale the walls when a dog comes near them.  Anywho, apparently Anna has a dog and it’s stashed at grandpa and grandma’s house.  We’ve yet to meet said dog nor do we know much else about her/him.  But this must be one special dog!  A dog that doesn’t look like a dog, maybe transparent and silent, one that you never know is around, kind of like a cat but as a dog.   And clear.  And mute.  Hmmm……

Anna’s held off on telling us more about what’s going on in Anna-land these days but once I find out, I’ll be sure to share!

Wanna bake?

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So I came up with this nifty activity to do if I want to bake, which mind you, isn’t all that often, but I do get the urge once in awhile.  I know this isn’t a new thing to most moms, teachers or daycares, but the magic of noodles with 1 and 2 year old’s is amazing!  So one day, I was just restocking the pantry and the noodle jar in the meanwhile asking Anna if she wanted to help.  She usually does, which is awesome!  So I left her with the bag of noodles and the jar with the instruction of just fill it up.  She loved it!  It took her about 10-15 minutes, which in parent-land, is a very long time to not have to make sure they aren’t destroying the living room.  So at the end, we had a good amount of noodles left and as I was about to pack them up, I thought, I bet they would have a ball sorting noodles with anything in the kitchen.  I grabbed some lap trays, a bunch of containers, spoons and anything else that would keep them excited, pulled up a couple chairs to the counter, dumped out some noodles and away they went!  Anna made “cookies” of the chocolate and oatmeal varieties, put them in the “oven” and served them to daddy for quite some time.  Izzy liked putting them in the cupcakes tins (and all over the floor) and of course she had to taste test some of her “creations” as well.  We’ve taken them out a few times for something different to do.  And not being the most avid baker, this last time, I had no sugar to bake with.  And get this, there aren’t any cookies within a quick glance, that DO NOT require sugar.  Huh.

If you’re wondering, here’s what I did bake on one of those noodle nights:

Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Gar and his love for malted milk (if you don’t read this blog-site, you should!)

Chewy Granola Bars to cure the craving for oats and chocolate from the lovely Marie on Makes and Takes – mine kind of crumbled despite the butter and honey to hold them together, but they were delicious!

Naked eating

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I’m sure we all strip down to our skivvies before we dive into a delicious plate of spaghetti, right?  Right.

An Adventure in Michigan

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My dear sweet husband has been anxiously awaiting this day.  A place that has so many fond memories for him, that when the actual date has been selected, the days have been taken off of work, a place he can’t wait to build memories with our girls, turns him into a little kid who can’t sleep the night before because it’s Christmas morning!  So what is this magical place, you ask?  A place that truly is a lot of fun (when you go during the week, NOT on the weekend) for just about anyone.  The Disney World of Michigan…..  Michigan’s Adventure of course!  Sing it with me “2 parks for the price of 1!  Fun! Fun!”  So they’ve changed the jingle in the last couple years but being an Michigander for just 11 years now, but I remember it.  With one entry fee, you can ride roller coasters, see the park from the top of the ferris wheel, have someone guess your weight (who does that OR really wants that job, I will never know) and with all that, you also can flit around their quite large waterpark complete with wave pools, water slides, lazy river (which Izzy refused to take part in) and the wonderful kiddie pools.

As I get older, my wimpiness for roller coasters starts to show is ugly head again.  I say again, as I didn’t start out loving roller coasters either.  Ask my Uncle Wayne about my 8th Grade Graduation gift to Six Flags.  Oye.  Then after that, I started to love them, could handle most of them, but now back again is the stomach in my throat feeling that I can’t shake on a lot of those drop rides.  Nope.  I’m good.  Anywho, we hit up some rides for the girls like the train ride through the weeds on the back 40 and the ferris wheel to oversee the park.  Anna was about 1″ too short to go on other rides with one of us, so we hit up most of the kiddie rides she could go on.  With her crazy, intense fear of small 5+ pound dogs, this girls LOVES rides.  She was bummed that she couldn’t go on some of them but really enjoyed the boats, fire truck (Izzy actually like this one too!) and the whale (that I squeezed into just for the fun of it, oye).  Izzy on the other hand, would rather hold on to my neck for dear life than go on rides.  Gary, Sheila and Missy got their fix on their old favorites and we all hit up a new one that had a ton of cork screws and upside-down-ness.  I lived.  :)

Then we entered the waterpark.  Not only does Anna love rides, she loves the water.  I thought on one of her first visits to Lake Michigan that she wouldn’t care for the water much.  Think small child being swallowed up by small waves and running for the hills.  But we’ve been proven wrong and we couldn’t keep her out of the water.  The little kiddie area we parked in had a pool that she could walk from each end to, a small slide that she did over and over again and a little tunnel she screamed in one too many times.  :)   Izzy took just a few minutes to start to enjoy.  I didn’t think she would at all, but she had a blast.  As soon as she got her barrings, she didn’t want anyone holding to her.  You know how this ends, over and over again.  She also braved the side a few times, but being submerged wasn’t her thing so she stayed on the edges climbing in an out of the pool.  She finally took a nap around 3 and Anna refused to stop for a nap, but overall they both did great and enjoyed themselves a lot.

Gary, Sheila, Missy and I took turns watching the girls while the other 2 hit up slides and the crazy Funnel of Fear (yeah, it’s scary – I closed my eyes for half of it).  We all had a really great time, slathering on sun screen, relaxing in the shade, enjoying each others company, reliving and making memories throughout the day.  If you ever get a chance while you visiting Muskegon….ahem…. it’ll be a lot of fun in the sun and well worth it!