Sorry dear readers….

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Oh the neglect we’ve given you, dear blog.  It’s been a busy month – Chicago for 2 weekends, sick Anna, sick Gary, trying to balance this crazy life!  I’m trying to develop a “rough schedule” so that we post at least a couple times a week.  So here’s to a new start to a new month – it’s October already?  Yeesh!

We’ll be back, I promise!


2 under our belt!

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Well we did it.  We did our 2nd 5k of the year!  Who knew running could be so addicting?!  So after we ran the 5/3 Riverbank Run in May we were craving to do another run later in the summer/early fall.  Being a novice in the running world, I didn’t really know where to look for a good list of local runs so I suggested we do the Chicago 5k, spend a weekend with the ‘rents and let the girls have some grandparent bonding.  This one felt a little different only because we hadn’t trained long and hard as we did for the Riverbank Run and we all were a little hesistant going to Chicago for a race with 20,000 along with the other millions that live there already.  But…. we’re so glad we did it!

We had been maintaining our training throughout the summer but throw in a vacation/planning and some summer colds in there, we were not as prepared as we hoped to be.  I (Christie) had been picking up the pace on the treadmill in recent weeks and even ran a full 5k on the track the Thursday prior to the race so I was feeling good.  Gary has been battling a pesky sore throat/cold for awhile so couple that with a busy summer work schedule, his training had been less than stellar too.  Either way, we were running it!

Saturday we (Gary, Angela, Alex and I) headed to Navy Pier to pick up our runners packets which contained our official bibs and t-shirts.  The cool thing about this race was that they printed our names out on the bibs…. well all but Alex.  :)   We checked out the expo for a bit, ate some lunch and headed back to SoHo.  We packed in a carb filled dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread and headed to bed early.

The alarm went off at 5am.  Surprisingly, we got up with a bit of ease that morning.  The girls stayed sleeping (but grandpa hit up the couch when we left to keep an ear out for their “I need go potty, mommy” cries), we ate a light breakfast and headed out the door at 5:45am in full running gear with Ryan as our chaperon.   We made into downtown around 6:30am, got shooed out of the parking lot and hit up the meter knowing that when we left, the crazy lady from Walgreens wouldn’t have our car towed.  We headed toward the starting line through neighborhoods and parks, following the loud speakers and music.  As we walked, we gathered more people until we arrived at home base to find around 20,000 runners along with their fans getting ready to put all their training to the test.

While the 18,000+ half marathon runners (13.1 miles, people….) lined up to be herded through the starting line, we hit up the blue boxed bathrooms, checked in our bag of goods and started to get stretched out.  There was such an energy in the air, the temperature was perfect and the sun made it a touch warmer.  We chatted, admired and wondered how we’d do compared to others around us.

We lined up all together as there wasn’t a breakdown of mile times (6 minutes miles, 7 minute miles, etc).  Soon there after, we started moving forward.  Alex jarted around most of the pack, Gary and Angela split and ran closely in their minutes and I found a couple girls to pace myself with.  I had a goal of obviously finishing (as I hadn’t trained as much as I did for the 5/3 run) but an unspoken goal of not stopping.  I was quite confident that I’d beat my 5/3 time by a few minutes and was feeling really good about how well I was running.  It was a nice run through the neighborhoods, along Lake Shore Drive and I was passing people.  In the end, Alex finished in just over 25 minutes and place 90th out of almost 1400, Angela did really well herself and ran it in her record time of 29 minutes, Gary didn’t quite make his goal of under 30 minutes but with being sick, he did it in 31:16 and I finished 3 seconds slower that my first time.  Ugh.  But really, it was awesome that I never stopped and I pushed myself the last 1/4 mile.  We all had a great time, loved the experience and are planning on doing more next year together!

Pics from the official photographers (our own will come this week hopefully):

Not just for kids….

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Timeouts are for Little People, too.

Project: Grill Peg Board

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We have yet to post an actual Tidd Project!  So here it is, the well needed Grill Peg Board:

Whatcha need:

  • Large pre-cut peg board, already painted white from the Big Orange Box
  • Cordless drill & bits
  • Level
  • 6 screws (more if you’re Gary :) )
  • Box of peg board hooks from said BOB

Where to put it?

The space right above where our grill goes wasn’t being used much, the peg board fit well and it was so.  Welcome Grill Center for the Gar.

How it’s done:

Place pegboard up on the wall, lining up holes centered on the studs and use the level to make sure you’re holding it with great straightness.  Hopefully you’ll have an extra pair of hands to do said task.

Once leveled, have one person hold pegboard up while the other screws in each corner and a couple on the sides for good measure.  For most people 6 screws would be more than enough but my dear sweet husband likes to make sure it’ll survive a nuclear war, so we probably did 8-10.  Love you honey.  :)

Here’s all that we’re hoping to hang from our newest organizational friend:  lots of flippers, flappers, brushes, baskets, pokers and proders.

Open up that box of pegboard hooks and check out the contents.  There are obvious hooks that go right into the holes, some are heavier duty, some allow you to stick things through an opening to hang rather than hang right on the hook.  Then there are these black plastic things.  Never had a pegboard before so theses were new to me.

After sticking up a hook and hanging something from it, it felt really unstable and that everything on the board would come crashing down.  Enter in black plastic things.  They stick on either side of the hook to hold it in place.  Who would have thunk!  These worked great except the 3 holes on and around the stud didn’t allow us to use that space well.  Oh well, we did some rearranging and it all worked out.

And now you have a wonderful, doesn’t take up my under the counter cabinet space anymore Grill Peg Board!

Here comes the clean up crew!

How old is too old?

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So our 2nd day of reading (Genesis 4-6) through the Bible brought us to the lineage in Adam and Eve, going through the different generations created while Adam was still alive.  Still alive after 10 generations?  It was dumbfounding to hear when each of these men (Adam and Seth to Methuselah and Noah) had children – mostly over 100 years old – and living 9 times that long after their children were born.  Gary and I found in the intro to this day that years were very close to the years we know today, but how did they stay alive and have children that late in life?!  Were their bodies not filled with all these cancers and illnesses that we battle today?  Is our lifestyle today preventing us to live well into our 100’s, 200’s or 900’s?  Gary brought up the idea that God may have kept these men (and women I’m sure too) in a 100 year state of what we know as our 20’s and 30’s.  Wouldn’t that be crazy to stay in a certain look and feeling within our bodies for that long?  Gary thought it would be cool to live that long.  I was undecided.  :)

Ok, so I know that passage just wasn’t about how long people live and how late they had kids.  It was just something that was unfathomable to us.  The beginning of this reading was the relationship between Cain and Abel and his ultimate death.  A story we’ve heard throughout our lives but to hear it again showed right where the people of God were divided among the people of the earth.  It was also interesting to see that God gave Adam and Eve another son after Cain killed Abel and was said to “replace” him.  Gary and I together didn’t talk about it much, but after reading it again, most parents these days do not “replace” the child or children they’ve lost, they preserve the memory of that child and have other children to add to their family.  It just struck me a little odd to put it those words but I know it was another way of honoring Abel.

*Oh and to clarify from yesterday’s chronological Bibles, the one we were given for Christmas does not have the introductions that the one we just purchased has and we really enjoy the history and questions it gives us.  The one we were given is broken up into days, though.  I’m having a hard time finding the exact one we have as all the ones I’m finding do not talk about the history before each section.*