Oh, nice toothbrush, how I’ve missed you

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We bought toothbrushes.  Expensive ones.  Ones with fancy settings, multiple toothbrush heads, even a sanitizer.  We spent over $200 on our toothbrushes!  There, I said it.  Who does that?  You could buy so much with $200 or pay down some debt.  We do, obviously.  Why?  Thanks for asking!  Let me give you a short back story (not sure if short is in my forte, but I’ll do my best).

I talked about Anna’s dentist trip awhile back and our history of the dentist but now about our toothbrushes.  :)   Exciting, I know!  Growing up we both just had your run of the mill manual-brush your teeth for 20 seconds so your breath smells of toothpaste so mom will think you brushed your teeth-toothbrush.  Gary and I had different dental experiences growing up but in the end when we got married and were talking about having kids, we had to start a routine of going to the dentist.  So we started out with the 2 for $10 Oral B and Crest Spinbrush battery operated toothbrushes.  They were great when we compared to our manual ones.  They got me through years of no cavities.  Then we decided it was time to upgrade only because Woot told us we should.  On one particular day they had a Two for Tuesday of nicer Oral-B (I think) rechargeable toothbrushes for about $45.  Perfect!  Those worked great for about a year or so until mine wouldn’t hold a charge anymore and Gary’s was running out of gusto.  So we tossed those.  We hemmed and hawed for months on getting the best out there.  So in the meantime, we went back to good ole manual and tried to brush for 2 minutes but it just wasn’t the same.

Our dentist appointments came around in November and there came our decision maker.  Well for me anyway.  I was on about year 4 of no cavities, no nothing.  Then I was hit with 2 cavities.  Granted they got this new fancy light that detects cavities even sooner than x-rays, but still….  And for Gary, he’s been cavity free for awhile but continues to battle with gum issues and other past neglect due to no insurance as a young 20 something.  Since then, he’s been the model teeth guy, brushing twice a day, mouthwash twice a day, flossing each night.  Gold star for the Gar!  Which brings me into our $200+ toothbrush purchase.

Enter the amazing-feels like you walked out of the dentist and more everyday-5 settings-sanitizer-rechargeable-not terribly cheap replacement heads-but so well worth it Sonicare FlexCare Plus and FlexCare (for me).

These toothbrushes have a 2 minute cycle with a 30 second buzzer to change zones so all your teeth get the same amount of attention.  They vibrate instead of spin and clean between your teeth to almost feel like you flossed.  So not to be dazzled by the features of the brushes, they were really to bring our teeth and gums back to where they were and hopefully a lot better!  Our perio charting which shows how healthy your gums are should be out of the 3’s, 4’s and 5’s and down into the 1’s and 2’s. All in all this was an investment into better dental care, to save us from awful root canals and cavities and the biggest one, their bills, in the future.

A remarkable difference from past toothbrushes, especially this last one, is what we’re hoping for come May/June!

The Good, The Bad, The Gross

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Great title for a ski/water park weekend huh?  Well it pretty much describes our weekend at Boyne Mountain up near Boyne Falls, MI.  Gary had been planning this trip for months, getting the best deal, checking on all the questions we had, getting rentals taken care of.  Needless to say, days before we left, he couldn’t sleep at night he was excited to go.  Mind you, this was just a weekend trip 3 hours north of where we lived.  This was supposed to the ultimate-everyone has a great time-Gary fulfills both loves of skiing and waterparking weekend.  And it was a lot of fun, but let me get the bad and the gross out of the way.  :)

Well I guess the bad and the gross go hand in hand.  The first bad is that Friday night/Saturday morning was the worst night we’ve ever had with the girls.  Usually they sleep great, maybe not perfect when we’re in new surroundings, but usually through the night.  The condo we had was set up perfect to let them have a good nights sleep in a big room.  My in-laws had the master suite off the backside where we found ourselves hanging out there mostly b/c you could watch the skiiers and snowboarders coming down the hill, lots of floor space, a TV and big bed to lounge on.  Then at the front of the condo was the smallish kitchen, living room and dining room where we dumped all our hats, gloves, snowpants, boots, babies, blankies, you name it.  :)   Then off to the left was our space and the loft Sheila slept in.  There were 2 queen beds and lots of floor space and the loft had 2 twin beds.  With that was a full bathroom and closet.  It was great!  We tucked Anna into one queen bed and Izzy set up camp in her pack and play yet.  Everything was super up until we went to bed….  Izzy woke up 3 times within a couple hours acting very confused and scared in her surroundings.  So she ended up in bed with us.  Then Anna woke up crying around 3ish for whatever reason, so Gary laid with her for awhile, then we switched, then I came back to bed and Izzy complied with going back in her own bed.  So that’s about 6 times up.  Around 7am, Anna asked for books to read in her bed and about 7:30 she sat up gagging.  I ran over to her and ::enter gross #1:: she threw up in my hand.  It wasn’t stomach remains just stomach acid.  Along with that was a fever.  A fever mommy didn’t prepare for so 2 phone calls later, Gary and his dad went into town to buy medicine, juice and Gatorade.  She “threw up” 2 more times that morning and we battled a fever throughout the day.  With a status on Facebook of Anna being sick, her caretakers commented and said strep throat was going around.  Oye…  So she ate on and off when her throat (which we didn’t totally knew hurt until Sunday) didn’t hurt.  So the bad is that Anna was sick for most of the weekend she was supposed be spending learning how to ski and living it up in the indoor waterpark (and gross #1).

Gross #2 is that Anna peed on the bed a little in the in-laws bed and gross #3 is that Izzy pooped in the bathtub.  There’s nothing more disgusting than….. I won’t go there.  Needless to say “Sorry Boyne Mountain, we puked in your towels, we peed in your bed and we pooped in your bathtub but we had a great time nonetheless!”

Erase all those visuals and come down the happy path of our weekend at Boyne.  Friday we got up there (after horrible almost white out conditions) to a little village tucked in the middle of nowhere with lots of friendly people working the grounds.  We checked in and got into our spacious condo.  We hemmed and hawed about who was going skiing and who was going to the waterpark.  Gary was anxious to hit the slopes so the boys took to the hills while the girls stormed the waterpark.  FYI: Don’t forget swim diapers for non-potty trained little ones.  They cost $4.50 each!  Yes, that’s one single one time use swim diaper.  Oye.  The girls had an absolute blast swimming and going down the little water slide over and over and over again…..  :)   Izzy is more stable on her feet than last summer so she was able to walk around the 2 foot pool (up to her chin mind you!) and only go under a dozen times or so only to keep doing it again and again.  I was excited for them for Saturday.  Unfortunately the above incidents prohibited us from going back to the waterpark again.  I love how much they love the water.  I’m excited for the summer again to hit up the lake and Michigan’s Adventure (which Anna still talks about)!

Saturday morning brought my first real attempt at skiing.  Back story: I can only share this as a lot of time has passed and I’ve made huge strides in my weightloss.  I tried to ski about 5 years ago but only got to the boot fitting.  We didn’t go for an official fitting a place specializing in such things but just took it from the rental area of the ski hill.  This proved quite painful emotionally as the boots wouldn’t fit over my calves.  I ended up leaving as I was so embarrassed and upset.  This was one of the turning points for my weightloss journey.  The next year I tried snowboarding b/c those boots were more forgiving but ended up falling way too much for my liking.  So I banded trying either for years.  But there was no excuse this time.  I was down 73 pounds and I got fitted for boots with no problems at all!  Back to this weekend:  I got all my gear on with nerves running through me but I made it up the Magic Carpet with little problems and went down the very gradual hill with more ease than I thought I’d have!  I then took up the chair lift to go up the mountain a bit more and fell off both times.  :)   Not as terrible as I thought but realized I needed to get into the weightroom more!  I went down the hill a few more times that day and did a new run Sunday morning, never falling on any of the runs.  Gary talked me through whatever issue I was having or emotion I was feeling.  He’s such an patient and understanding man, it made it that much more enjoyable for me.  And he’s pretty hot in his skiing garb.  ;)   It was beautiful, nerve-racking and exciting all at the same time.  In liu of losing you in my incredibly long post, I’ll just say I’m excited to ski more, my husband is beyond thrilled that I liked it and I’m looking forward to it being a family sport one day.  :)

We had a great time hanging out with the family, had some great meals, snacked a lot, hit up the endless breakfast buffet, shopped the few shops on site, enjoyed the amazing sunny Michigan days (we’ve had a lot of those lately!) and overall had a great experience.  With all that said, they refunded us for the waterpark since they saw us call about a sick child on Saturday and a little more for a plunger incident.  :)   Anna’s on the other side of strep throat, we’re praying the rest of us don’t get it and we’re preparing for an adults only ski weekend in February.

Now on to celebrating the wee little one’s 2nd birthday!  2?!  Where did the time go!?

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…..

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Like Michael Buble?  You should.  It’s good stuff.

Anywho, as most of you know we’re in the new year of 2011!  Crazy.  We were just talking about when Y2K was all the rage and here we are 11 years after that.  Enough about stock piling pantries and watching our computers blow up.

It’s been a great year for the Tidd’s!  We celebrated Izzy’s first birthday and are ready for her next one in a few weeks.  2?!  How can she turn 2 already?  She’s turning into quite the little stinker now that she can talk in sentences.  Such as “I like food”, “That’s my baby!”,  “It’s dinner time!” and “I lub you, too.”  Anna turned the big 3 in October but prior to that she was fully potty trained, got her first hair cut and gave her pipe (paci, nook, plug, whatever else you Michigan people call it) to the pipe fairy.  She’s such a big girl and good little tattle tail.  Oye.  These 2 are quite the pair, a lovely sister bond in a constant more love than dislike relationship.  Gary and I made this year our get healthy year with a purging of all things junk and put fruits and veggies in their place.  Ok, so we weren’t perfect but we managed to lose 15 and 22 pounds respectively.  Along with that we hit up the gym, took work out classes and ran our first 5k runs.  The holiday’s cramped our gusto so with this new year, we’re back to the gym again.

Our Christmas break was great, crazy busy, but great!  We got to see our family in Chicago along with all the grandparents and some aunts and uncles but mostly we got to see old dear friends.  Who once all inhabited SoHo and Lansing now are at the literal ends of the earth, one being in Smithers British Columbia (think way north of Vancouver) and the other on Prince Edward Island (think another time zone over from NYC).  We all gathered at Melissa’s house in Lansing, 12 kids under 5 and 8 adults for a wonderful lunch and crazy big play date.  It truly feels like home when we’re all together even though we’re all in our 30’s (not me of course, I have a glorious 8 months left), in careers and parenthood, homeowners and bill payers.  These people know the heart of you and your story as we have such a deep history.  I love all the friends I’ve made up here in Michigan but these dear friends will always be with me to the core.  I miss them terribly but love them more when we gather together again each year or 2.  The best part is, the husbands seem to really enjoy each other’s company too and would probably have boys nights out if we lived close.  Love it.

This year is the year of renewal of past goals.  I don’t really make resolutions but goals for the year.  There is usually one over all goal and smaller goals falling underneath.  I think I started it the year we moved into our house.  The first being a declutter goal, I can’t find my 2009 goals but they included surviving with 2 kids under 2 and last year was getting healthy.  This year we’re going to continue to declutter (get rid of things that are just taking up space, that aren’t functional, that don’t mean anything to us), stay healthy (keep up with working out and throw in taking the girls swimming, train for the Riverbank Run in May, lose another 22+ pounds, getting better at our dinners, eat more fruits and veggies), getting connected to each other as a couple as we tend to run ourselves ragged till bed with stuff for others, the house, the girls, etc. and finally pay off our last debt, my student loans!  We’re big Dave Ramsey fans but we decided to deviate from the plan a little in the next couple years.  We’ll have no debt but the house and our large emergency fund stock piled, but we’re wanting to make our house feel like home again.  We did the painting and a little decorating, but we’re looking to do new flooring (the waves in the carpet are not very cool), a corner fireplace, moving of appliances, painting.  So in other words, a little bit of investing.  It’ll be all good, promise!  We’ll stay on the straight and narrow debt free path, fo sho.

So with all that said, Happy New Year folks!  I’m back.  You know why?  My little pouting (read here to see why) paid off as I have a new little black cherry, 17.4″ monitor, Windows 7 friend.  :)