Anna’s Antics | Pt.2

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A conversation on our way to dinner last night:

Anna:  I don’t like this dress.

Christie: Why don’t you like your dress?

Anna:  Because it has black on it.  I don’t like black.  My favorite colors are pink and purple.

Christie: No kidding.  :)   Well I like that dress, Anna.

Anna:  Well then you should wear it.

Gary: *Buries his head in his hands.*

Anna’s Antics | Pt.1

Category : Anna

In talking with the girls about what to be for Halloween:

Anna: I want to be a princess (who knew?!)

Izzy:  I want to be a pwincess too!

Anna: No.  Izzy, you can by my prince.

Gary and I look at eachother and just shake our heads.

Almost done….

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Hey there!

Hopefully some people still read this!  I will be back to this space so very soon with so much to tell!  :)

Love to you all!