She’s 4!

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Our book loving, rollercoaster rider, crafting partner, hair down or with a bow, popcorn eating with daddy, “mommy”, girly girl is 4 today!  As I write this, it’s about hour away from that actual moment where Gary and I turned from being a couple to a family.

She came into the world planned from beginning to end.  We “tried” for her, got pregnant right away, found out I need Lovenox and heprin shots for all my pregnancies so in the end, she was a planned induction (I couldn’t have an epidural if we didn’t plan my shots correctly).  With about an hour and half of pushing, she came out, all 6 pounds 9 ounces of her.  From there she changed our lives.  She showed us how to love so much bigger and so much deeper than what Gary and I already had experienced as a married couple.

She’s a sweet, partly shy, fun loving little girl who loves being the big sister (a lil’ bossy thing as times), loves her sister in the coolest ways – so fun to see the sister bond, has her daddy’s love of popcorn and her mommy’s lovea of anything art.  She’s eager to learn and excited for school next year.

Happy Birthday Miss Anna Banana, we love you!


Daddy, Mommy and Izzy

So tiny… newborn.

That face!  1 year

Finally getting hair!  2 years

Those big blue eyes!  3 years

The birthday girl today!

Summertime Visuals

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I’m a month into this new life that I love and am learning the fine balance of play, cooking, cleaning, errands and work but am loving all that I’m doing!  It’s a lot of work and keeps me going all day and night, but it’s been worth it.  I’m hoping to get on an at least weekly schedule of blogging on here to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on with us so bare will me yet as I find where to put that in our daily life.

For now, you can check out a few Facebook albums of photos from this summer and early fall.  We’re loving this balmy fall weather this week and hope to play some more in the sandbox and winterize the yard.  I’m learning to love fall almost more than summer as I love the colors, the hooded sweatshirts with sandals (no idea where Anna gets her need to strip off her socks and shoes any where she goes!), sunshine with a hint of cool in the air, honeycrisp apples, pumpkin anything, birthday planning and of course the delicious food.  :)

All is well in the Tidd house with Gary’s job keeping him plenty busy.  The girls are always growing and learning.  Anna is turning into a little fashionista with all her jewelry, hair always down or with some sort of large feather decor, pink all the time and sparkle shoes.  She’s still easily upset but we’re hoping to tame that little before Kindergarten next year.  :)   Miss Isabella continues to be our bruiser.  She’s had more bruises, dents and dings this past year.  Good thing she usually pops up without a ton of fanfare but my goodness, that girl needs a bubble or a helmet at all times!  We’re getting there with potty training, it’s a bit frustrating for both of us but we’re getting there.  She’s our social butterfly and jumps right in with most situations.

So that’s us at the moment.  I’ll be sure to share funny stories and videos again about the convos we have with these 2.  They keep us thinking and changing for sure!

Enjoy the photos:

Summerlovin 2011

Fallish Good Times

More to come soon!

Love to you all!

Gary, Christie, Anna and Izzy