Christmas 2009 Part 1

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Happy 2010! We had a great, but cold and snowy December. Before I begin, here are the latest pictures of happens around the Tidd House. Izzy was able to experience her first Christmas and seemed to love it. Definitely different having Izzy at almost 1 year old experience the holidays than we did with Anna being just over 2 months old. Anna certainly understood the meaning of presents and that she felt entitled to open almost everyone’s gifts whether they liked it or not. She recognized Santa everywhere and loved seeing “mish mish” trees outside and at home.

We spent Christmas in Michigan this year. Christmas Eve we had a mid-day dinner and hoped to go to the early service at church but very icy roads and 2 sleepy girls, kept us from going. Gary and I braved the roads to get to the late service to do nursery. We opened up stockings with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Sheila. After Anna emptied her stocking, she moved on to the rest of ours helping us unwrap and showed off the goods. We finished up the night watching some of Polar Express on the big screen in the basement. Anna was intrigued for moments at a time, but I think as the years go by, they’ll love this tradition. Izzy, of course, snuggled mostly.

Christmas Day we woke up at about 6am to the click of our power going off. Any slightly severe weather seems to knock us out. About 7am found us all in bed realizing that this may be the last year the girls are clueless as to the bounty that lies on the floor below. So we all bundled up in sweatshirts, pants and socks and followed Daddy downstairs with the video camera. Anna was thrilled with the new slide for the basement and then discovered a table and chairs where she remained to open the rest of the gifts. Izzy enjoyed the toys that fit snuggly in her hands and climbing the slide. The most loved things Anna got….. a 6 pack of her very own chapstick. She could have put it on all day if we didn’t snag it. Gary and I decided to not do gifts this year and buy a Wii as a joint gift. I really like the Wii so far but I really missed the giving of hunted down treasures and little keepsakes this year. So think we’ll figure out a better mixture of next year’s festivities. Just as I was thinking “it’s starting to get cold in here” I heard a click. The furnace! Thank you Consumers Energy people to coming out on Christmas morning so we can be warm. We promptly got ready to spend the day with Gary’s family. We had a wonderful dinner and opened up more gifts.

To Be Continued very soon……

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