Slacker….. Christmas Part II

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Yes, it’s true. I’ve given myself the title of slacker for the moment, but!… I’m trying to change or really just get back to my more consistent blog posts. Poor Izzy, her life isn’t near as chronicled as Anna’s has been. Such is the life of a 2nd born I suppose.

Since Christmas is long gone, I’ll give a more brief snapshot of the rest of the holiday with the Tidd’s. The morning of Christmas we spent in sweatshirts and socks as the power decided to take the holiday off as well. The “big” gifts was a new slide for the basement and a table and chairs for Anna’s room. The highlights for Anna was the 6 pack of chapstick and her new monkey watch. Izzy loved her new little duckies. Gary and I decided to get a Wii and not have anything to open on Christmas. I don’t mind joint gifts at all, but I missed the excitement of the gift giving, things I found that Gary would like. So next year we’ll mix it up a little again. We headed to Gary’s parents for the rest of the day where we opened gifts with the family and extended family. It was followed up with a delicious meal! New Years weekend we spent in Chicago with my family. New Year Eve we met up with old friends and had a great time! The next day, we all were in town together and had a great time opening gifts, having Anna help everyone open, Izzy just enjoying all the paper and just having a fun time being together. All in all, Izzy had a great first Christmas and I’m sure the girls will really enjoy Santa following them to Chicago and back and having 2 Christmas’. Who wouldn’t!? :)

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