Isabella’s Big Day!

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Isabella turns the Big One!

Miss Izzy had 2 big day’s as her birthday fell on hump day. So we sent her off to Miss Michelle’s house with yummy cupcakes and a big squishy hug. We made, what we would call her favorite meal, spaghetti and garlic bread. Both the girls scarfed it down and have the red ’stash to prove it. I picked up Itzy Bitz ice cream (those space agey ice cream balls) for dessert and again, in-hailed. Being #2 in the line up, we’re filled to the gills with toys and hand me down clothes, so I picked up a few Izzy specific things for her gifts: a scoot around puzzle, small board board, a bucket for all her little treasures and her favorite, sunglasses all of which Anna claimed as her own. :) So for a small birthday celebration, she had a great day!

The big party was partied on Saturday. We kept it simple with pulled pork and beef sandwiches, fruit and jello salad with cupcakes and ice cream to top it off. We decorated in red balloons and giant snowflakes with a teal snowflake cake to share and a her own chocolate cake with red and white frosting which I think she loved. :) She was gifted a whole new wardrobe, some toys and books. She, again, had a great time with all the paper and new exactly how to open presents (Christmas was just a warm up). We had a great time with family and Izzy crashed after her sugar high. What a fun first birthday!

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