February flew by!

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All is well at the Tidd house – we’re in the midst of changing places for our blog, how it’s going to be laid out, new features where Gary and I can talk about how we manage our finances, parenting, house projects, technology and of course, the girls. It’ll be a place where if Anna goes into her room, gets her little chair, brings it into Izzy’s room in front of her crib where she’s found waking up from her nap and Anna saying “hi sweeeetttheart” and pats Izzy’s little fuzzy head, I can put that in there without having to update about everyone. Or if Izzy learns how to say “no” and shakes her head while saying no, I can put that in there too. Or if Gary’s killing it on the treadmill, shedding some pounds and trimming out his studly body, I can put that on there (or he can if he’s feeling prideful that day). Or if I run 2 miles straight and finish a 5k on the treadmill in 47 minutes, something I never ever ever thought I’d say I’d try, let alone do. It’ll be more short stories, funny things we don’t want to forget, milestone in our debt free lifestyle or a flat tire. It’ll be there. So hold tight friends and family, we’ll be back bigger and better… hopefully sooner than later. These little girls keep us busy and staying healthy, just the same. So bear with us while we design and build our new site.

The girls are doing well. We have a bought of pneumonia with Izzy last weekend that ended her in the ER, having a hard time breathing. We got a nebulizer and she started to sound a lot better. I called her a gremlin baby the way she was breathing and talking. Poor thing, now she’s back to her temper tantrum, cuddly self (oxy-moronic, yes, but true). The woman who cares for our girls during the day says she has red roots somewhere in there. I don’t doubt her one bit. Anna’s growing a lot. Growing in her height as her jeans no longer need to be rolled up or pinned. Her hair is still thin but growing quite long. Her vocabulary continues to increase daily. We constantly have to remind ourselves that her pronunciation and comprehension of words is high but she’s still 2 and still acts 2. Both these girls give us grey hair, but they bring more joy to our lives that we could ever have imagined. Their squishy hugs and dimples, Anna running around yelling “naked baby” after bath and Izzy swaying to the music of her books. We’re certainly blessed and try not to forgot that everyday.

The parentals are holding their own, itching for the spring weather to come full force. We’re working 2-3 days a week with running on the treadmill or swimming in the pool, continuing our journey of training for the 5k run in May, losing weight and getting fit. I joked at the Dave Ramsey show we went to a couple weeks ago, “Our kids will always think of us as rich and thin!” Hehe. I hope so. Work continues to be busy for both us and side work is a steady stream of projects. So many other things we’re working on at the house and in our lives that we can’t wait to share about them more in our new blog.

Hope this finds you all well, readying yourself for spring cleaning, gardening and sunshine!

Gary, Christie, Boog and Squeaky

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