Enter Sandman

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Remember that song mid to late 1990’s friends?  Anyway, Metallica didn’t come visit nor did finally complete our Guitar Hero collection, but…!  But Anna took full advantage of her carpenter grandpa and requested a sandbox for her birthday.  Ok, she really didn’t but grandma and grandpa came up with the idea and said so in her birthday card in October.  So as promised, G & G Tiemens came up last weekend to build her (and Izzy) a 6′ x 6′ sandbox in the space we’re now making into a little play area for the girls.  I forgot to take play by play pictures of the construction but as you can see the air was filled with happiness and the crushing of Uncle Alex’s sandcastles which both girls delighted in for some weird destructive reason.

Anywho, thank you grandpa, daddy and Uncle Alex in the making and filling of the new sandbox!  This will be a wonderful thing for years to come and hopefully we can leave most of the sand in the box and not in our pants.

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They are so cute :-) I have great memories of playing in my grandparents’ sandbox and now they have their very own!

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