The Road to Recovery

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We’re on the mends!  Anna’s surgery went as planned and we’re on day 4 of recovery.  I’m going to re-cap the last few days more for my own journey and Anna’s so bare with me!

Wednesday night:  Anna was in a great mood, ate a great dinner, was running around with her friends at church.  All while mom and dad were getting eaten from the inside out that temporarily we’d be bringing her down.  We both knew and agreed to have this done with her history of strep, but it’s never easy to put your child through surgery.  That night we let her stay up a little bit later to eat whatever she wanted (cookies and a little pop).  After she went to bed, Gary and I prepared our bag for the next day and hit the hay.

Thursday morning: We all agreed to not eat breakfast as Anna wasn’t allowed to eat after midnight.  So we brought Izzy to daycare for the day as we knew it would be a long day for us let alone for a 3 year old.  We arrived at 8:45am, got checked in, Anna doned a pretty green bracelet and off we went to start our day.  They brought us to a mostly pediatric wing to a nice private room.  The nurse came in to talk to us and gave Anna her tiger hospital PJ’s which she really didn’t want.  On top of it all, each time a nurse, doctor or anesthesiologist came in before anything began, Anna would cover her mouth.  We kept reminding her that no one was coming in to take her tonsils while she was awake.  We felt so bad.  Meanwhile, we watched cartoons, cuddled on the chair and talked a little more about her surgery.

Around 9:50 am (our scheduled time of surgery), the nurse brought in a relaxant for Anna.  It started to take effect within 15 minutes.  I think they give this to the patient, not just for them but for the parents.  She was hilarious!  Not that you want to picture your 4 year old drunk, but she was so slap happy and out of it that I thought of it.  At one point she was playing on my iPhone sitting up in bed and she was leaning so far forward that her head was touching the bed.  She also thought it was great that she was in a crib (the rails were up on her bed) and exclaimed it with a smile!  So funny and it left us feeling a little better.  She whimpered a little bit while the nurse wheeled her out but before she rounded the corner, she was talking with the nurse.  Gary’s dad also came to sit with us just before Anna was wheeled away.

Around noon, I heard her cries coming around the corner and then I felt terrible.  Everything went smoothly but she was out of sorts with a sore throat and an IV in a strange place.  Almost right away she wanted to try a popsicle – that went down good.  Then a bite or 2 of Jello but instead she wanted another popsicle.  Then we had a couple rounds of vomiting.  Poor thing!  The night before, she was given a present from her Sunday School teacher and told she could have it until after surgery.  So she spotted it and wanted to open it.  It brought a small smile to her face thankfully – momma needed that!  Gary and his dad arrived shortly there after and took over the consoling.  I headed to lunch and they held down the fort catching up on some Jake and the Neverland Pirates of course!  She hadn’t thrown up since and we had made an ultrasound appointment to check on baby #3 while we were there in recovery so Gary and I headed out (all is well and I’ll make another post about he/she soon).  Anna stayed with Aunt Sheila and Grandpa while we did that and found she threw up another 2 times.  Total mom/dad guilt there.  After some IV finagling and some pain for Anna, she got some anti-nausea meds and started to perk up.

We got our discharge papers, a suppository (not cool!), a new elephant friend from the nurses and a 2 week recovery and headed home around 4:30.  Unfortunately on the way home, we had one more round of vomiting.  But ever since then, she’s been on the mends.  Daddy spent the night next to her in the living room, giving her meds and liquids, night 2 and 3 she ended up on the floor in our room and last night she spent the night in her bed.  We’ve been giving her pain meds every 4-5 hours, making sure she’s drinking/eating enough fluids to stay hydrated and slowly trying soft foods again.  She’s been babying her voice and limits what she says but we’ve had glimmers of normalcy for her as she read to herself in bed last night and sings along with Veggie Tales every once in awhile.  So we’re on the mends and hopefully lesser visits to the doctor for throat swabbing and shots in the rear for strep!

Thanks for reading my novel and keep Anna in your prayers as she’s a little more sensitive to things than usual while the rest of us try to get back to normal!

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