The Ultimate Timeout

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Gary and I are always looking for ways to improve.  To improve our marriage, to improve our parenting, to improve our meal planning, to improve our home.  We are far from perfect and when we work to improve on one thing, another thing falls so it’s a continual balancing act.  You get the point.  We’re always on the look out for better ways to do something and our devotions together needed a big face lift.  We’ve read books together, done a little devotions together at night but found that when we got into bed our focus turned to sleeping not focusing on what we were reading and discussing.  So we had a date night on Saturday and for part of the night, we stopped by our favorite bookstore, Schuler’s.  It always has a friendly, inviting feel and along with that, we really like their very berry yogurt smoothies.  :)   So we hung out for awhile and towards the end of our time there, I thought we should look at the devotionals together since we didn’t have to worry about kids running all over and pulling books off the shelves.  We found a couple that looked interesting but I found one that both struck us.  The Chronological Bible in 365 Days.  Now we already have this Bible but it’s not broken down into days which is what we really liked about it.  So we agreed and purchased this little, very thick Bible to tackle throughout the next year.  Along with that, we’ve decided to do our devotions/discussion after we put the girls down for bed and do it in the living room, rather than laying on the bed.  So far, the 2 nights we’ve done it, it’s worked out really well and has sparked different conversations.  So to hold us accountable, I hope to write a little ditty about each day and what came up during our reading.  I know it won’t always work out perfectly but we’re certainly willing and excited to give it a try.

I think I’ll recap what we read first, maybe just a string of thoughts/stories and the follow up with our conversation.

Day 1:

The story of creation (night, day, water, land, sun, moon, birds, fish, land animals, man, rest) and the fall of man (Satan telling Eve it’s ok to eat of the fruit on the forbidden tree, finding shame in their nakedness, working the land, painful child births).


- Being in parent mode, the command from God to not eat of the forbidden tree was only given once.  And only once did they disobey.  God followed through on his command on their first time offense by giving them the ultimate time-out.  As parents, we’re teaching our kids that when we say something once, it should be followed after the first time commanded to do so, not after the 5th time.  We’ve realized that we’ve been slacking in the follow through on our threats and have made sure they know that we mean business when we ask them to do something.  I know it sounds harsh, but if they understand when mom and dad ask something of them, they’d like it done right away not after the “but I’m just….”’s  :)   Just as God told Adam and Eve only once to not eat of the tree, He followed through with the ultimate punishment of working the land instead of it always being lush and green and not allow for painless childbearing to fill the earth, but painful ones to always remind us of their punishment that day in the Garden.

- Gary brought up the fact that how many kids would we have if child bearing was painless?  Or how many people would really be on this earth if women could not have labor but just a beautiful, calm birthing experience.  I’d imagine we would have packed this earth a long time ago.

- Reading the story of creation brought back memories of grade school Bible classes at Calvin.  I don’t remember specifics but just of making the days of creations on paper plates, drawing bright suns, deep waters, all kinds of animals.  It was fun hearing the story again directly from the Bible.

And there you have it, Day 1!

7 Years and Counting

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7 years ago today I made the most important decision of my life, I said, “I Do”! The weight of that decision was heavy but I knew at the time without a doubt that Christie was the one who made me whole, the one who I needed to share everything with. What I didn’t and couldn’t have known at the time was just how right I was.

Christie and I spent the first 4 years of our life figuring out how to “do” life together. In that time we finished our educations, took vacations, had trips to the hospital, lost loved ones, laughed, cried and yes we even had some decent disagreements (OK you could call them fights if you got technical about it). Through all of this we were able to, by the Grace of God grow increasingly close to one another.  I could honestly say that at the end of those 4 years we had gotten pretty good at being together and loving one another.

Then it all changed, we decided to have a baby. We embarked on this adventure with me having no job, us still living in an apartment and no idea where life was going to take us. Would I be a stay at home dad and buck the trend of the ever providing uber man? At the time we had no clue. Within the 9 months that it took God to help Christie grow our Aanna, I graduated from GVSU, started and finished an internship at Gordon Food Service, bought a house and got a job at Calvin College.

Needless to say, all this change turned our way of life upside down. We definitely needed to re-learn how we “did” life from that point on.  Once again though with God’s Grace and our never failing commitment, we tackled this challenge. We had Anna on Oct 18 2007 and our entire world became right. It was painfully obvious to me at that point why I was here on this Earth. If it had not been obvious at the time, 6 months later it was certainly confirmed when God surprised us with our little squeaky. Isabella was truly a gift to us as we had no idea she was going to happen. As He usually does, God had a plan for our lives and our marriage and He put this into motion in our life by giving Izzy to us. Izzy was born Jan 13 2009 and at that point our life together went from moderately busy to crazy busy. Christie began calling it 2 under 2 and it was as busy as it sounded.

Now Anna is almost 3 and Izzy is working on 2 and things have evened out a bit. We have yet again relearned and re-defined what it is for us to “do” life. There are times when I look at Christie and the girls and I just can not believe that I am blessed as abundantly as I am. God is truly an amazing and gracious God.

Our most recent re-vamp of our lives has been to get healthy. I got a bit of a wake up call as Christie calls it last October. My Triglycerides were 493 which is way high and the doctor gave me a choice, take meds or change your habits. I chose to change rather than take a pill at age 32. So yet again we tackled a challenge and changed how we “did” life.  We are nearing a whole year of this lifestyle and we are both down by nearly 20 and over 20 pounds and we are feeling great.

I have said all of this up until now to illustrate my point that my decision 7 years ago to commit my life and everything that is me to Christie was nothing short of the best decision I could have ever made. Christie, you are the one person in this world that God set aside for me, you are the one that I love more each day than I did the day previous, you are my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night (ok – so the girls are sometimes  my first and last thought – but I think I get a pass on that one), you are the half that makes me whole and my true best friend. I can not wait to wake up next to you when we are old and wrinkled and be able to talk with you about all the amazing adventures we experienced together!

Thank you for choosing me!

Happy Anniversary Babe!

For all of you who read this blog, I can only hope and pray that your married life is half as good as mine. If you have a spouse as special as this, make sure they know how special they are to you, there is nothing more important!

I’m an addict

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Ok, maybe “addict” is a strong word but I have a new “want” in my life.  I ran the 5/3 Riverbank Run on Saturday in 40:50 and I want to do better!  Did I just say that I wanted to run another 5k?  Sheesh, what has come over me?  Despite the 40 degrees, the misty on and off rain, the 5:15am wake up call on a Saturday morning, the stupid cold that started the day before, an emotion came over me that I’ve really never experienced before.  I was among thousands of others ready to beat their best time or to say they actually did a 5k in their life, it was a goal I never knew I had in me, that I never thought I’d do in my lifetime.  Maybe it was my weight, that I never thought it was obtainable or the way I talk myself out of pushing myself that much farther?  All I know is that is was amazing to be apart of this, to have my husband, my brother and my sister-in-law cheering me on the whole way, not just on Saturday but way before that.  It truly was a life changing experience for me.

Friday, Alex and Gary picked up our runners packets at DeVos which came with official runners bibs.  It was surreal that one of them was mine!  We all spent the night at our house, taking in a rip roaring game of Settlers and prepping our shoes with our electronic timers.  It was really fun to be together the night before, talking about how excited we all were.  We left the house around 5:50am so we could beat all the road closings and to prepare ourselves mentally for the crazy weather Michigan threw at us that morning.  We gathered with the thousands of others downtown GR, checking in our bags, taking in the excitement and anticipation of the hardcore runners in their “outfits” and the hesistant looks of those who may have been talked into this event.

We starting lining up around 7:15am as our race started at 7:30am.  They were broken into paces from 7 minutes to 12 minutes.  Alex split up from us joining the 8 minute mile pacers while Gary, Sheila and I slowly became enclosed by all the 12 minute mile pacers.  Next to us was a line up of Marines that were sure to whiz by us as we began.  They actually kept a good pace that we followed for a bit while we listened to their chants – just being with them for a few minutes you could hear in their voices how they push past whatever is in their head to keep going in training and out keeping our country safe.  A very cool experience.

The whistle blew at 7:30 and just a few minutes later we were jogging down the road.  Gary said we were in this together, so we would start together and end together and that we did.  The first mile I was doing alright, feeling pretty good, sticking with Gary and Sheila no problem.  Then we started to come to some hilly areas and I started to lose momentum and I eventually told myself I needed to walk a couple minutes.  Not for very long, but I wanted to run the whole thing if I could.  So I picked up the pace again shortly there after and ran a little bit more.  I ran up a hill but at the crest walked a bit again.  Finally Gary told me all we had to do was round the buildings and we’ll be at the finish.  I kept telling myself that I need to finish strong.  When I saw the finish, that was all I needed.  Gary asked if I was ready to run and I said yes.  We started passing a bunch of people, he grabbed my hand so we could finish together.  And we did it!  Gary, Sheila and I crossed within seconds of each other.  Alex caught up with us right away and congratulated us, asking if we heard him screaming us on.  I said no!  I was so in the zone I didn’t hear him.  It was truly an experience I’ll never forget.  For the first time I felt like I was in the same ranks of ability of someone half my size.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m about 30-40 pounds away from my weight loss goal and that is another story for another time.  But for once, I did the same thing as my skinny mini, crazy metabolism little brother did and that felt awesome.  This is only the beginning for me to do more than I ever thought I would and could do and that’s motivation enough to move forward in this new life Gary and I decided to take on.  And for that, I’m ecstatic!

The little engine that could

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Gary declared earlier in the week that would be doing a family (including the girls and my sister-in-law) 5k run Saturday morning.  I’ll be honest, I tried to find ways to get out of it (too wet, too cold, too busy, etc) but when the morning came you couldn’t really pass up a little cloudy, 65 degree, little breezy Saturday morning for a trial 5k run.  We had Sheila stay the night, the night before as she watched the girls for us.  She was going to run with us but wasn’t feel well that week and didn’t want to chance it, so Gary and I were able to run together.  It was great!  He’s a driving force in my motivation to push myself a little farther and I did!  I only walked for maybe 4-5 minutes at about the 1.5 mile mark and did a last minute sprint at the end of our block to our house.  Let me tell you, I was tired as it was and running faster was a complete out of body experience.  It was an amazing accomplishment for me as I usually find a way to justify quitting long before I did.  It really gives me a big motivation for this weekend’s 5/3 Riverbank Run downtown GR, knowing now that I can do it and I’ll have Gary by my side every step of the way.

Not This Time

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So Saturday we woke up to wet weather. Since we had planned on running the Calvin Spring Classic with the girls in tow, we decided to skip it since we did not want them out in the rain. Couple that with the fact that I had just gotten over being sick and it would have been a bad gamble for me as well.

We are though still on come rain or shine for the 5/3 Riverbank Run on May 8th. This has been a goal of ours since we began our healthier way of life this past October. So we will continue to train and work for the next couple weeks to get ready for race day.

Partying & Butterflies

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So here are some pictures I haven’t shared yet of the Tidd happenings from March.  Check out the pictures via Facebook yet here!

My First Outside Run

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Well I (Gary) did it today, my first 5k running outside instead of on a treadmill. I did it in about 32 minutes. I am not sure the exact time as Alex timed it for us and he did not say specifically how long it took. The big point is though that I did it and survived, just barely but I survived.

Saturday is the Calvin Spring Classic which I am running in and we ran that same route today. I know now that I can do it and in a decent time too.

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