Anna’s Secret Life | Part 1

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So maybe a month or so ago, all of us as a family were riding in the van and Anna starts talking about a red truck.  So we talk about seeing a red truck, asks if she remembers daddy’s blue truck, etc.  Typical little kid conversation while driving.  Or so I thought.  So she continues to talk about this red truck, well come to find out, SHE has a red truck.  I look at Gary with this “lets see where this goes” look.  So I start talking to her about it.  She says she has a red truck.  She said that she drives it and that Izzy rides in it.  She gets that from when we’re all riding together and she asks why I’m not driving (b/c I take them to and from daycare during the week), and I tell her that daddy’s driving and mommy’s riding just like she is.

So a couple weeks goes by, we’ve chatted about the red truck and the story remains.  Man, this girl is good.  Until the fateful day where she tells us that she doesn’t have the red truck anymore……

Oh so obvious

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So I didn’t realize that summer-time brought on new rules in terms of potty training.  So we were at Gary’s parents house this weekend, enjoying the beautiful Michigan weather.  No exaggeration non-Michigan people who think it’s always cold and over cast.  Summer is beautiful and we live for it!  Anyway, we got there and all put our suits on getting ready to play in the sprinklers and in the kiddie pool.  Anna is doing her first summer sans swimming diapers so I had a talk with her while we were getting ready.  I said, you can’t pee in the pool.  You tell us if you need to go and we’ll go back in the house.  We had this conversation a few times while getting ready.  She said ok.

So we’re out in the pool, she’s making her “having to go potty” moves and I ask her a few times if she needs to go.  She says no and keeps playing.  Here’s the visual:  Gary and Sheila are sitting the pool.  Anna is standing up playing next to them in the pool.  Anna looks down while “water” comes out of bathing suit.  I ask, “Anna, what are you doing!?”  Anna says in the most even keeled look, “I’m peeing in the pool.”

Holy cannolli.  We have a little work to do.  Hehe.

Mommy, color your fingernails?

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The little girl who can go from digging in the dirt to stomping on bugs can go to wanting her necklace and ring and eating on her princess plate inquired at the right time for mommy to paint not only her toenails but her fingernails too for the very first time.  Both girls are squirmy, to impatient to sit THAT LONG so I never did it.  Some moms are doing it at 3 months.  Nahh… no need to move them along in life that fast.  So I grabbed the box of nailpolish along with the bottle of removers for those curious fingers and brought it downstairs.  I opened the box and Anna with an “oooohhhh” in a breathy excited tone.  I told her she could pick out a color and of course she picks those weird colors I’ve had since highschool.  Don’t want to talk about that.  On the 3rd try she picked a pretty glittery girly pink.  Perfect.  She sat on the chair next to me and to took her tiny toes into my hands and began the “coloring.”  She cooperated really well and then wanted to her fingers done too.  I obliged and got through that without much hassle.  Good thing for 10 year old Quick Dry from Mary Kay that still works!  Izzy even let me do her toes too – well I say “let” she didn’t really want to and seemed like she thought it would hurt.  But we got her pudgy little toes pretty in pink too, a little Quick Dry and off she went to wonder why mommy smuggled her and put this stuff on her toes.  :)

As the day went on, Anna was showing Aunt Sheila her “broken” fingers and “not broken” fingers aka the ones she picked off the polish and the ones she didn’t.  She told me later that I had to “fix it, mommy”.  Hehe.  Those little girls are getting so big already…… ::sigh::…..

She doesn’t take after her mother………

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Now I suppose this is just payback for what I did to my parents growing up, but Anna is a whiner.  We I try to not speak in those tones of whining (in rare instances I do it just to annoy Gary) but last night saying our prayers was the height of it all.  So we usually give her the first word of each line in her prayer (she can say it by herself if she was in the mood, but that’s rare as well).  It goes “Now I lay me, down to sleep, I pray the Lord, my soul to keep….”  So the first line Anna goes “Now I laaaAAYYYYYmmeeee” in this singsongy whiny voice.  I couldn’t help but laugh to myself.   She continues “down to ssslllllEEEEEppppp…..”  I thought she couldn’t keep this up through the whole prayer.  I was wrong.  It wasn’t until we get to our add on of “God Bless MoMMMYyyyy, daaDDDyyyyy”  then we get to Anna and Izzy and she started to giggle forgetting about the trend she’d been stuck in.  I know it’s a more serious time doing prayers, but I couldn’t help by roll my eyes and chuckle throughout her whiney escapade.  I guess maybe my mom whispered in her ear that she needs to give a little of that back to me.  :)

By the way, I posted some Easter pictures in our Flickr account, so go to the FR logo at the top and check them out!  It may take a little time to get used to how to browse the pictures, but click browse to view them all small, click on the ones you want to see bigger.  Let me know if you need any help!

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