Anna’ Antics | Pt.3

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Just before naptime one day, Anna came up with this:

Anna:  This is my special baby.

Me:  Why is that?

Anna:  Because it was growing in my belly.

Me:  ::thought, should I ask this, well yeah I do::  Oh really?  How did it come out of your belly?

Anna:  ::Hands up by her mouth::  The doctor took her out of my mouth.

Oh the things this girl comes up with.  Some quite accurate, some far from accurate and for that I am thankful.  :)

Anna’s Antics | Pt.2

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A conversation on our way to dinner last night:

Anna:  I don’t like this dress.

Christie: Why don’t you like your dress?

Anna:  Because it has black on it.  I don’t like black.  My favorite colors are pink and purple.

Christie: No kidding.  :)   Well I like that dress, Anna.

Anna:  Well then you should wear it.

Gary: *Buries his head in his hands.*

Anna’s Antics | Pt.1

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In talking with the girls about what to be for Halloween:

Anna: I want to be a princess (who knew?!)

Izzy:  I want to be a pwincess too!

Anna: No.  Izzy, you can by my prince.

Gary and I look at eachother and just shake our heads.

Anna-ism’s of the Week

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I’ve been single momming it this week while Gary’s gallivanting around a beautiful resort in Orlando eating great food, swimming in a huge pool and sleeping in a big bed in a corner room on the 8th floor.  Ok, so he’s on business going to seminar’s, presenting one himself and missing home.  But still.  :)   The girls have been awesome this week.  The only bad thing that’s happened is I missed my alarm Monday morning by about an hour…..  I don’t want to talk about it.  Let’s just say wet hair, weird looks from the girls wondering my mommy is saying we’re late and I don’t have time for this and a few frantic phones.  It all worked out and it turned out to be a great day.  :)

So a couple funny Anna-ism’s for the week.  So we’re sitting around the table eating dinner, a glamorous taco dinner mind you.  To add more glamorousness to the situation, Anna’s been a little constipated with a lot of tooting going on this week and Izzy’s, well…, Izzy and she’s had a little more volume than normal as well.  So after we giggle about both girls tooting quite a bit, with surprised expressions on their face and all, Anna says to Izzy, “you got gas, girl!”  I about fell off my chair.  We had a good laugh about that all while Izzy, said “masblag asbglas gas”  (that’s Izzy speak as of right now, mumble at the beginning with a clear word at the end).

So I’ve been trying to think of other verbs to use when Anna shows me for the 100th time a picture she’s colored in the past 10 mintes and wants me to say something about it.  So I’ve been using “awesome” as my verb of choice lately.  So last night, while sitting around the table have a family coloring session with Uncle Alex, Anna asks “mommy, am I coloring awesome?”  Hehe.  I love it.

While driving back from Ms. Michelle’s house last night, Anna in a very sincere voice asked me “is daddy home, yet?”  Insert “awww….” here.  Not only did she say that, which melted daddy’s heart, she understood the concept of “yet”.  Like she understood that he’s been gone, we’ve been talking about where daddy is and now she wonders if today’s the day.  Smarty-pants.

In lieu of daddy being gone, Anna first understood that I was bringing him to the airport on Sunday to go to Floridarado (you know, Florida and Colorado – our vacation destination this summer).  So later I’d ask where daddy was, Anna kept saying the airport.  Finally after a couple days, we traveled to Florida.

Good thing, I don’t think daddy could handle the crazy’s at the airport for 5 days.  :)