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I’m a month into this new life that I love and am learning the fine balance of play, cooking, cleaning, errands and work but am loving all that I’m doing!  It’s a lot of work and keeps me going all day and night, but it’s been worth it.  I’m hoping to get on an at least weekly schedule of blogging on here to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on with us so bare will me yet as I find where to put that in our daily life.

For now, you can check out a few Facebook albums of photos from this summer and early fall.  We’re loving this balmy fall weather this week and hope to play some more in the sandbox and winterize the yard.  I’m learning to love fall almost more than summer as I love the colors, the hooded sweatshirts with sandals (no idea where Anna gets her need to strip off her socks and shoes any where she goes!), sunshine with a hint of cool in the air, honeycrisp apples, pumpkin anything, birthday planning and of course the delicious food.  :)

All is well in the Tidd house with Gary’s job keeping him plenty busy.  The girls are always growing and learning.  Anna is turning into a little fashionista with all her jewelry, hair always down or with some sort of large feather decor, pink all the time and sparkle shoes.  She’s still easily upset but we’re hoping to tame that little before Kindergarten next year.  :)   Miss Isabella continues to be our bruiser.  She’s had more bruises, dents and dings this past year.  Good thing she usually pops up without a ton of fanfare but my goodness, that girl needs a bubble or a helmet at all times!  We’re getting there with potty training, it’s a bit frustrating for both of us but we’re getting there.  She’s our social butterfly and jumps right in with most situations.

So that’s us at the moment.  I’ll be sure to share funny stories and videos again about the convos we have with these 2.  They keep us thinking and changing for sure!

Enjoy the photos:

Summerlovin 2011

Fallish Good Times

More to come soon!

Love to you all!

Gary, Christie, Anna and Izzy

The Good, The Bad, The Gross

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Great title for a ski/water park weekend huh?  Well it pretty much describes our weekend at Boyne Mountain up near Boyne Falls, MI.  Gary had been planning this trip for months, getting the best deal, checking on all the questions we had, getting rentals taken care of.  Needless to say, days before we left, he couldn’t sleep at night he was excited to go.  Mind you, this was just a weekend trip 3 hours north of where we lived.  This was supposed to the ultimate-everyone has a great time-Gary fulfills both loves of skiing and waterparking weekend.  And it was a lot of fun, but let me get the bad and the gross out of the way.  :)

Well I guess the bad and the gross go hand in hand.  The first bad is that Friday night/Saturday morning was the worst night we’ve ever had with the girls.  Usually they sleep great, maybe not perfect when we’re in new surroundings, but usually through the night.  The condo we had was set up perfect to let them have a good nights sleep in a big room.  My in-laws had the master suite off the backside where we found ourselves hanging out there mostly b/c you could watch the skiiers and snowboarders coming down the hill, lots of floor space, a TV and big bed to lounge on.  Then at the front of the condo was the smallish kitchen, living room and dining room where we dumped all our hats, gloves, snowpants, boots, babies, blankies, you name it.  :)   Then off to the left was our space and the loft Sheila slept in.  There were 2 queen beds and lots of floor space and the loft had 2 twin beds.  With that was a full bathroom and closet.  It was great!  We tucked Anna into one queen bed and Izzy set up camp in her pack and play yet.  Everything was super up until we went to bed….  Izzy woke up 3 times within a couple hours acting very confused and scared in her surroundings.  So she ended up in bed with us.  Then Anna woke up crying around 3ish for whatever reason, so Gary laid with her for awhile, then we switched, then I came back to bed and Izzy complied with going back in her own bed.  So that’s about 6 times up.  Around 7am, Anna asked for books to read in her bed and about 7:30 she sat up gagging.  I ran over to her and ::enter gross #1:: she threw up in my hand.  It wasn’t stomach remains just stomach acid.  Along with that was a fever.  A fever mommy didn’t prepare for so 2 phone calls later, Gary and his dad went into town to buy medicine, juice and Gatorade.  She “threw up” 2 more times that morning and we battled a fever throughout the day.  With a status on Facebook of Anna being sick, her caretakers commented and said strep throat was going around.  Oye…  So she ate on and off when her throat (which we didn’t totally knew hurt until Sunday) didn’t hurt.  So the bad is that Anna was sick for most of the weekend she was supposed be spending learning how to ski and living it up in the indoor waterpark (and gross #1).

Gross #2 is that Anna peed on the bed a little in the in-laws bed and gross #3 is that Izzy pooped in the bathtub.  There’s nothing more disgusting than….. I won’t go there.  Needless to say “Sorry Boyne Mountain, we puked in your towels, we peed in your bed and we pooped in your bathtub but we had a great time nonetheless!”

Erase all those visuals and come down the happy path of our weekend at Boyne.  Friday we got up there (after horrible almost white out conditions) to a little village tucked in the middle of nowhere with lots of friendly people working the grounds.  We checked in and got into our spacious condo.  We hemmed and hawed about who was going skiing and who was going to the waterpark.  Gary was anxious to hit the slopes so the boys took to the hills while the girls stormed the waterpark.  FYI: Don’t forget swim diapers for non-potty trained little ones.  They cost $4.50 each!  Yes, that’s one single one time use swim diaper.  Oye.  The girls had an absolute blast swimming and going down the little water slide over and over and over again…..  :)   Izzy is more stable on her feet than last summer so she was able to walk around the 2 foot pool (up to her chin mind you!) and only go under a dozen times or so only to keep doing it again and again.  I was excited for them for Saturday.  Unfortunately the above incidents prohibited us from going back to the waterpark again.  I love how much they love the water.  I’m excited for the summer again to hit up the lake and Michigan’s Adventure (which Anna still talks about)!

Saturday morning brought my first real attempt at skiing.  Back story: I can only share this as a lot of time has passed and I’ve made huge strides in my weightloss.  I tried to ski about 5 years ago but only got to the boot fitting.  We didn’t go for an official fitting a place specializing in such things but just took it from the rental area of the ski hill.  This proved quite painful emotionally as the boots wouldn’t fit over my calves.  I ended up leaving as I was so embarrassed and upset.  This was one of the turning points for my weightloss journey.  The next year I tried snowboarding b/c those boots were more forgiving but ended up falling way too much for my liking.  So I banded trying either for years.  But there was no excuse this time.  I was down 73 pounds and I got fitted for boots with no problems at all!  Back to this weekend:  I got all my gear on with nerves running through me but I made it up the Magic Carpet with little problems and went down the very gradual hill with more ease than I thought I’d have!  I then took up the chair lift to go up the mountain a bit more and fell off both times.  :)   Not as terrible as I thought but realized I needed to get into the weightroom more!  I went down the hill a few more times that day and did a new run Sunday morning, never falling on any of the runs.  Gary talked me through whatever issue I was having or emotion I was feeling.  He’s such an patient and understanding man, it made it that much more enjoyable for me.  And he’s pretty hot in his skiing garb.  ;)   It was beautiful, nerve-racking and exciting all at the same time.  In liu of losing you in my incredibly long post, I’ll just say I’m excited to ski more, my husband is beyond thrilled that I liked it and I’m looking forward to it being a family sport one day.  :)

We had a great time hanging out with the family, had some great meals, snacked a lot, hit up the endless breakfast buffet, shopped the few shops on site, enjoyed the amazing sunny Michigan days (we’ve had a lot of those lately!) and overall had a great experience.  With all that said, they refunded us for the waterpark since they saw us call about a sick child on Saturday and a little more for a plunger incident.  :)   Anna’s on the other side of strep throat, we’re praying the rest of us don’t get it and we’re preparing for an adults only ski weekend in February.

Now on to celebrating the wee little one’s 2nd birthday!  2?!  Where did the time go!?

Some visuals for you :)

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A little visual insight to the last couple months around the Tidd household.  We’ll return to regular scheduled programming shortly.  :)

Chicago 5k and Half Marathon

End of Summer Fun


Anna turns 3!

An Adventure in Michigan

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My dear sweet husband has been anxiously awaiting this day.  A place that has so many fond memories for him, that when the actual date has been selected, the days have been taken off of work, a place he can’t wait to build memories with our girls, turns him into a little kid who can’t sleep the night before because it’s Christmas morning!  So what is this magical place, you ask?  A place that truly is a lot of fun (when you go during the week, NOT on the weekend) for just about anyone.  The Disney World of Michigan…..  Michigan’s Adventure of course!  Sing it with me “2 parks for the price of 1!  Fun! Fun!”  So they’ve changed the jingle in the last couple years but being an Michigander for just 11 years now, but I remember it.  With one entry fee, you can ride roller coasters, see the park from the top of the ferris wheel, have someone guess your weight (who does that OR really wants that job, I will never know) and with all that, you also can flit around their quite large waterpark complete with wave pools, water slides, lazy river (which Izzy refused to take part in) and the wonderful kiddie pools.

As I get older, my wimpiness for roller coasters starts to show is ugly head again.  I say again, as I didn’t start out loving roller coasters either.  Ask my Uncle Wayne about my 8th Grade Graduation gift to Six Flags.  Oye.  Then after that, I started to love them, could handle most of them, but now back again is the stomach in my throat feeling that I can’t shake on a lot of those drop rides.  Nope.  I’m good.  Anywho, we hit up some rides for the girls like the train ride through the weeds on the back 40 and the ferris wheel to oversee the park.  Anna was about 1″ too short to go on other rides with one of us, so we hit up most of the kiddie rides she could go on.  With her crazy, intense fear of small 5+ pound dogs, this girls LOVES rides.  She was bummed that she couldn’t go on some of them but really enjoyed the boats, fire truck (Izzy actually like this one too!) and the whale (that I squeezed into just for the fun of it, oye).  Izzy on the other hand, would rather hold on to my neck for dear life than go on rides.  Gary, Sheila and Missy got their fix on their old favorites and we all hit up a new one that had a ton of cork screws and upside-down-ness.  I lived.  :)

Then we entered the waterpark.  Not only does Anna love rides, she loves the water.  I thought on one of her first visits to Lake Michigan that she wouldn’t care for the water much.  Think small child being swallowed up by small waves and running for the hills.  But we’ve been proven wrong and we couldn’t keep her out of the water.  The little kiddie area we parked in had a pool that she could walk from each end to, a small slide that she did over and over again and a little tunnel she screamed in one too many times.  :)   Izzy took just a few minutes to start to enjoy.  I didn’t think she would at all, but she had a blast.  As soon as she got her barrings, she didn’t want anyone holding to her.  You know how this ends, over and over again.  She also braved the side a few times, but being submerged wasn’t her thing so she stayed on the edges climbing in an out of the pool.  She finally took a nap around 3 and Anna refused to stop for a nap, but overall they both did great and enjoyed themselves a lot.

Gary, Sheila, Missy and I took turns watching the girls while the other 2 hit up slides and the crazy Funnel of Fear (yeah, it’s scary – I closed my eyes for half of it).  We all had a really great time, slathering on sun screen, relaxing in the shade, enjoying each others company, reliving and making memories throughout the day.  If you ever get a chance while you visiting Muskegon….ahem…. it’ll be a lot of fun in the sun and well worth it!

Yes, we have a 2nd child

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Our walls have been adorned with the sweet pictures of our family of 3.  Well as you should all know, we have 2 kids.  So I decided it was time we had a Tidd Family photo shoot this spring.  I’m an avid blog reader and have added a few local photographers and event planners (I have a thing for wedding details, photos, invites, etc) to my Google Reader to check out their posts and phenomenal photos.  I had seen Amy Carroll’s name on a few different blogs and events so I checked out her site.  I loved her style, the vividness to her pictures, the way she captured the moment candidly and not forced.  She seemed like a perfect fit for us, so I went for it and emailed her to see if she’s be interested in doing a family photo shoot for us.  Of course, she said yes and wanted to know more about our family.  After a few emails back and forth, a date set, we settled on a more urban landscape.  We like everything from the beach to the farm to the downtown life and we just felt that fit us.

We ended up purchasing the disc of all the touched up images Amy took so we can use them in all different ways.  I had lots of plans.  :)   One, being to change out our family of 3 canvas wraps for the wall in the living room.

The 2nd big change is a 3 dimensional collage that Gary and I collaborated on from ideas we’ve seen online and in person.  I got 9 various sized mounts printed so we can arrange them on the wall at the top of our stairs on the 2nd floor.  Hopefully those will go up this weekend!  Complete with pictures of course.  :)

The rest will come as they may filling frames, on desks, as desktop backgrounds and in the hands of those we love.

The shoot itself it was awesome!  We met Amy at her studio in downtown GR, just outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.  She took us right out her own backdoor to an industrial alley filled with colorful brick buildings and lots of interesting locations for photos and curiosity.  Amy was patient with the girls and made us all feel like friends from the moment we met her.  She’s truly in a job she was meant to be in!

We couldn’t be happier with our photos as they captured us as us and would highly recommend Amy to shoot your wedding or your family photos!

Check out the rest of our photos!