Aaannnddd….. we’re back!

Category : Family, Vacation

So had the greatest of intentions on writing up a whole bunch of posts while I was on vacation, but….. I was on vacation and that didn’t happen.  So in the busyness of getting back to our daily routine, I’m going to start getting some posts in the hopper.

We had an amazing time in Colorado.  The girls traveled really well, thanks to some lap desks and a lot of mommy planning.  We saw the windmills and hills of Iowa, the flat plains and rolls of hay in Nebraska and the amazing mountains, streams and views of Colorado.  We spent much time talking with relatives of whom most we haven’t seen in 6 years, lots of good home cooked meals, game playing and turning dominoes into “elephones” and cameras.  We hiked up 2.2 miles, 1000 feet with 2 kids (one of which spent a lot of time in a backpack graciously carried by Dan) to see the beautiful valleys and mountains with those we love – all only happening because of our lifestyle change almost a year ago.  We rode the Cog Railway up to Pikes Peak to see Colorado Springs and the plains of Kansas.  Raffled off quilts that my mom loving started and some completed to raise over $800 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and to all find new homes to be shared in for years to come.  Thank you.  We bonded with those we’ve never talked with before because maybe we were too young to care or are now old enough to appreciate.  We warded off “man eating” dogs, tooks walks, swam in the pool, tried to get on the internet all week just to have a little taste of what was going on in the world, did lots of crafts, colored lots of pictures, made lots of puzzles.

It all was really just a refresher course on what was really important in life – being apart of an amazing, huge extended family, not always needing Facebook to be fulfilled, sharing in God’s amazing creation with the mountains, short burst storms, vivid rainbows, acres of forest, long streams and beautiful wildlife, figuring out the path God may have for you and hopefully one day realizing it.

Thank you, Klunders, for another reunion I’ll never forget.

Check out our week in pictures here!