A lovely weekend

Category : Projects

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  We kicked off the weekend before the weekend started with some hardcore yard work.  As most parents know, it’s hard to get a lot done in a little amount of time with little ones roaming the yard on opposite sides of the house.  But we gave it a try.  Gary mowed the yard, edged (note to selves, we need to do this more often) while the girls played in the sandbox and dirt and stayed close and weeded the side of the house we were all on.  A much needed bath was given to the girls and put them to bed.  We headed back out right away.  While Gary hauled the mulch over that our gracious neighbors gave to us, I busted out the loppers, you know the giant scissors for trimming?  :)   My initial reason to use it was to trim away the little trees sprouting from the roots of our flowering pear tree.  We still have a giant stake in the ground that held the tree in place and all the effort in the world isn’t removing it.  So on to plan B.  Anywho, back to the loppers.  Well our spirea bushes grew incredibly fast as I thought last year they were the size they were later in the summer.  I decided they needed a trim.  So I started chopping away and what a difference it makes when you have pruned bushes!  Then you add the mulch, a weeded flower bed and some annuals to revive a very sad front yard.

We also had to say goodbye to the the little maple sapling Gary’s Grandpa Hall gave us a couple years ago.  I believe I was weed wacking last summer and knicked it too bad for it to come back this year.  I felt horrible but we bought a replacement, a healthy Kwansan Cherry tree.  In about 5 years it should be about 7 feet tall and by 12 years be about 15-20 feet full of pink blossoms.  So it’ll be beautiful with our white blossom the flower pear gives us.

By this time, the giant mosquitos started hauling us away so we headed in around 10:30 that night.  Can I just say, I love yard work!  Weird, maybe but so therapeutic to get your hands dirty and crawl around on the ground.  What an amazing creation God has placed just in our little piece of land.

Friday kicked off the weekend.  I started a little early only in the sense that I ate my lunch on the boardwalk in Grand Haven under beautiful blue sky and a bright sun.  It was the beginning of tourist season and you can tell as the town multiplies!  We headed back to Grand Haven after dinner to walk to pier with the girls.  It wasn’t as crowded as I thought but I’m sure the rest of the weekend was a bit busier.  The girls have a great time people watching (and getting antsy sitting in their stroller).  Gary and I have great talks on our walks like this, we’re so blessed to have an amazing marriage, even after 7 years!  What a wonderful (but late) night!

Saturday brought on Round 2 of Once a Month Cooking!  Nisi and I were prepared a bit more this time – sorry I didn’t take any pictures of this round!  We spent about $250 in total to create 32 meals for 2 families.  So that averaged $7.81 per meal and $1.95 per person.  I say that’s a success!  Nisi spent a lot of time preparing the menu, grocery list and the prep plan between the 2 of us.  Nisi did all the meat preparation and I did all the fruit and veggie chopping.  For whatever reason, my knee didn’t appreciate walking the pier, spending 2 hours in the grocery store and standing that morning and decided to swell up.  So Gary stepped in and with all that, we finished in about 6.5 hours with a wonderful menu!  Here’s what we made this time:  Mom & Dad Tidd’s meatball subs with homemade sauce, Nisi’s delicious (we all tried some) chicken cordon bleu, tomato basil hamburgers, bacon and bleu burgers, chicken enchillada casserole, mango pork and italian flank steak pinwheels.  I think this is going to be an amazing menu!  I almost forgot, but our disc of family pictures came too!  A whole nother post about that will come soon.  :)

Sheila came out that night to hang out with us and the girls.  We hit up the DQ which helped with the incredible amount of muggy that was going on outside.  We tried to do a little yard work, but again the blood suckers were carrying us away.

Sunday brought a wonderful Memorial Day service that has us all tear up a little.  Great music, great message with a great video of reflection of past and present troops.  Wish you were all there!  If ever in the neighborhood, check out our amazing church!  Then we headed to Gary’s parents for dinner and a little fun in the sun.  Here’s a funny story about the day!  I rounded out Sunday night by planting my annuals for the buckets of rain came.  And again, those darn mosquitos got me.

Monday we woke up to thunder and lightening, well actually we woke up at 4am to Anna crying b/c she lost her pipe.  Then again at 6:30am to I think her crying but it could have been the storms, but either way Anna wanted to go to bed with panties that night instead of a pull up.  So I got her up when we went to bed to go potty, no go.  Again at 4am, no go.  Then the 6:30 wake up call she wet the bed.  Bummer.  So we changed her and came into our bed to watch the storms roll through.  Izzy slept peacefully till about 8am.  We rounded out the day with a cook-out in the raining/sunny weather we were having.