Happy Birthday Squeaky McGee!

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So I’m a little late for a birthday shout out to my littlest lady but it’s better late than never!

Happy 3rd Birthday to our cuddly, neat freak complete with all doors and drawers need to be fully shut and toys in their place, Little People playing, just needs some alone time, food lovin’, excited to be a big sister (and continue to be the little sister to the leader of a big sister) this month!  You were an wonderful surprise and addition to our family 3 years ago and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Izzy-beller is a spit-fire and fun along with stubbornness but we are so excited to see what this next year brings for you as you transition to the middle child, sharing a room with your not so neat-nick sister, hopefully finish this potty training stuff and take on the ranks in the fall as the big sister of the house.

We love you baby girl!

Daddy, Mommy & Anna

Isabella Clara – the wee one born in a blizzard

I am one!  And more hair than my sister!

And why are interrupting me eating my birthday cake?  I’m two today!

I am 3 years old today!  And I look like a little kid now instead of a toddler.  Sniff sniff.

Izzy-bella Care-la turns 2!

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Sorry, dear daughter, that it’s taken me a month and a half to blog about your birthday.  I know you won’t mind as I’ve kept up with it in my first Blurb book for our family!

Like the title?  That’s how the wee little one says her name.  Isn’t that the cutest!  She does it each time with a big grin.  I love it.  This dear sweet girl turned 2 on January 13.  These little years have such milestones!  She’s moved from a booster seat at the table to standing up like her big sister to eat (our carpeted dining room floor thanks you).  She finally has a mouthful of teeth!  At her first birthday, she was the two-toothed wonder and now she has all but her 2 year molars in.  She still surpasses Anna in the eating without fighting category.  Not only does she eat just about anything or at least try it, she’ll eat tomatoes by the slice and requests water to drink.  Her vocabulary is quite extensive and she babbles out stories only to really recognize the last couple words but she’s trying!  She loves to sing, especially “I’ve been workin’ on the railroad”, “Jesus Loves Me” and “Twinkle Twinkle.”

She still throws little tantrums and has become the little sister who swipes something from big sister and holds it till they roll on the floor for it.  But she’s also the comforter who brings blankies and babies to sad sisters.  She loves to help clean with her broom and a wet cloth, she’ll help clean up toys or the bathtub without much prompt all while singing “Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share….”.  She also still lets mommy and daddy smoother her in kisses (who can’t with those chubby cheeks!) and rock her for a few minutes before we lay her down each night.  She says “lub you” without asking and gives hugs to anyone.  She’s a goofball who likes to tickle, pull funny faces when talking to G&G on Skype and will mimic Anna all day long.  She still runs the gate yelling “Mommy! or Daddy!” when we pick her up each day.  She loves to read books over and over and over again….  :)   She jumps up most mornings when we wake her with a big smile on her face (where she got being a morning person from, we’ll never know).

She was an unplanned mommy and daddy little one but she’s certainly an amazing gift from God and we can’t remember life without such a cuddly, spunky, beautiful little girl.

Happy Birthday Isabella Clara!  I hope your next year is full of even more exciting milestones!  We love you!

For the rest of the pictures from her birthday and party, check them out here!

Izzy-ism’s on this her 16th month!

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Our little cuddle bug who loves smooshy kisses on her chubby cheeks and never shy’s away from a long hug has her shining moments of feet kicking and pinching!  Thursday (the 13th) was Izzy’s 16th month and our first month of not knowing how to parent a single child (Anna and Izzy are 15 months apart, get that whole logic?).  So I thought in celebration I’d come up with a few fun facts and quarks of the little girl we call Squeaky:

-  How did she get the nickname “Squeaky”?:  Since she was born, she’d squeak when she would stretch from a long sleep or when she was deep in sleep or just a noise she made in conversation.  Since Anna had a nickname (we’ll talk about that later) already, Izzy for sure needed one.  So Squeaky was born.  Along with Squeaks and Squeaky McGee.  Just the other day, I said love you Squeaky and she said “sekee”!  I said, yes, that’s your name!  Hehe.  Too cute I tell you.

-  Since she turned 10 months old, this poor girl has only had 2 bottom teeth to chew up chicken.  I couldn’t believe that for months there were signs of teeth (excessive drooling, crabbiness, chewing on things) but no glimmers of white in those gums.  Until this last month, when the newest member of her mouth showed up.  A shiny white “chicklet” of a tooth taking up space on the top middle of her mouth.  I think she may have her mommy’s teeth…. ortho here we come!  She’s not a big fan of us checking her mouth of teeth, but some days she’s proud to grin while I pry her lips up.  So the other day, I checked again and I found 2 more teeth joining the crowd.  But it wasn’t the one next to the front tooth, it was the one next to that.  And beyond that was a molar!  Oh dear….  I hope this girls mouth isn’t doomed for a crazy arrangement of teeth.  I believe the other front tooth and the next one going the other way is coming in too.

-  She’s starting to have conversations with herself and with Anna.  The other morning I let her wake up Anna, like have her go in her room at 6:40am and give her some morning love.  I thought Anna would be ticked, but she actually loved it.  Izzy ran into her room, climbed up on her bed and started hitting (we call it patting so Anna doesn’t get too distraught) her arm and saying “Anna!  Anna!  Anna!”  It was really hilarious.  She proceeded to climb all over her, pull her pipe out of her mouth and they both started giggling and jabber at eachother.

-  This girl loves dirt!  Leave her outside for one minute and she’s plopped down, not on the sidewalk or hunched over the dirt, but sitting right in it.  Digging in with her fingers, wiping it off on my pants and loving every second of it.

-  We call her the insatiable one.  I’ve called her that since the day she was born, really.  It hasn’t changed.  She guzzled down bottles, chowed down baby food, mauwed on crackers and now believes that the instant we start setting the table that dinner is ready to be served to her.  Mind you, she’s already whining and wimpering the instant we get home b/c she’s hungry, so she runs to her chair, throws a little fit and doesn’t stop saying “hunry hunry hunry (hungry)”!  We tell her it’s not time to eat yet, fits and whining continue, we give her a cup of milk to tide her over.  She catches on and continues on her little tirade all that way through cutting up her food and presenting it to her.  She’ll finish Anna’s plate and ask for more.  What a little appetite this one has!

-  Aside from the bottomless pit tantrums, she’s quite compliant.  She loves holding hands at dinner to pray and finishes with an emphatic “Amen!”.  She’ll come to you no problem to put her shoes and coat on in the morning to go to Ms. Michelle’s.  Last night, all she wanted was a baby to go to bed with (I figured this out when all I heard after we laid her down was “baby baby baby”).  So I brought her a baby and was instantly thrilled.  While settling down for the night, she threw out said “baby”.  I saved the day again, when I gave it back to her.  She was sitting up already, she grabbed it, snuggled it in close and laid back down.  Such a sweet little girl.

Those are a few quirky Izzy-ism’s we’ve found to hold near and dear (or as far away as possible?) as this little girls is growing up way too fast!

Happy 16 months Miss Isabella!

I know you want to see my kids….. :)

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I haven’t quite got the hang of Flickr yet to post our batch pictures, I’m looking into other photo storage options but really, Facebook is the easiest, fastest and biggest storage area I know that’s free.  So without further adieu, here are some albums of pictures pre-revamped blog posts:

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Nothing’s better than being outside (& living near the lakeshore!)

Mommy, color your fingernails?

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The little girl who can go from digging in the dirt to stomping on bugs can go to wanting her necklace and ring and eating on her princess plate inquired at the right time for mommy to paint not only her toenails but her fingernails too for the very first time.  Both girls are squirmy, to impatient to sit THAT LONG so I never did it.  Some moms are doing it at 3 months.  Nahh… no need to move them along in life that fast.  So I grabbed the box of nailpolish along with the bottle of removers for those curious fingers and brought it downstairs.  I opened the box and Anna with an “oooohhhh” in a breathy excited tone.  I told her she could pick out a color and of course she picks those weird colors I’ve had since highschool.  Don’t want to talk about that.  On the 3rd try she picked a pretty glittery girly pink.  Perfect.  She sat on the chair next to me and to took her tiny toes into my hands and began the “coloring.”  She cooperated really well and then wanted to her fingers done too.  I obliged and got through that without much hassle.  Good thing for 10 year old Quick Dry from Mary Kay that still works!  Izzy even let me do her toes too – well I say “let” she didn’t really want to and seemed like she thought it would hurt.  But we got her pudgy little toes pretty in pink too, a little Quick Dry and off she went to wonder why mommy smuggled her and put this stuff on her toes.  :)

As the day went on, Anna was showing Aunt Sheila her “broken” fingers and “not broken” fingers aka the ones she picked off the polish and the ones she didn’t.  She told me later that I had to “fix it, mommy”.  Hehe.  Those little girls are getting so big already…… ::sigh::…..


It was inevidable

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It was bound to happen someday and someday soon.  Our little Miss Izzy is quite the spitfire, doing the actual kicking and screaming, complete with feet stomping and a scowl.  Well, more like a perma-scowl.  Well Saturday morning, she was told no for whatever it was at that instance and… enter stopping feet and squealing with anger.  This resulted in her very first time out.  I know, I know, you think what horrible parents do that to a 15 month old or not our precious Isabella, but it’s true.  Daddy put her sitting down in front of the front door and we only had to sit her back down one time.  Throughout the whole, very long, excruciating 1.5 minutes, she scowled, cried and flailed her arms.  Even after our calm talk that she’s seen us do with Anna, she ran away with that beautiful scowl and ticked.

This is the 2nd time out – I know, I’m terrible for taking a picture of her in timeout but it’s too funny not to.

Partying & Butterflies

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So here are some pictures I haven’t shared yet of the Tidd happenings from March.  Check out the pictures via Facebook yet here!