We’re over half way!

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A little Tidd update!  Lets go youngest to oldest.

Baby:  We are at 22 weeks with the wee-est one.  We were able to have an ultra sound the day Anna had her tonsils out.  It was the clearest ultrasound I’ve had and we got to see….. it’s arms and legs, it’s budda belly and pointy chin.  I have yet to scan the pictures in but they will appear!  We didn’t find out (again) and we’re pretty excited to see what God is going to mix up our house with.  I’m certainly looking pregnant now (again a picture soon) complete with maternity pants.  Gary got to feel the baby kick last week which is a lot sooner than with the girls and I have certainly felt this one kick a lot!  So either he/she is getting ready to fight for it’s life or give us a run for our money!  It’s almost a pound and about 11″ long (the length of a spaghetti squash).  We have picked out a girls name and the boys name is still being duked out.  :)  We are getting things in order to redo the girls room so it’ll start feeling more real when they move in together (pray for these 2, they are as opposite as night and day in how they keep their room).

Isabella:  She is a girl full of faces.  She’s mastered the pout and the “hurrumph” look complete with arms crossed.  In the same breath, she is the most polite little girl.  She’ll offer (without prompting mind you) to unload the dishwasher and change the laundry.  She’s full of phrases from movies and just life in general (taking after her daddy) such as: “easy peesy lemon squeezy”, “I’m right, Anna’s wrong”, “are you kidding me?” and “I don’t know about that one”.  She has also been through her first toy death this week.  With her little Polly Pocket house and her family in her hand, she leaned over to flush the toilet and I heard a little plunk.  I yelled stop but it was too late.  The mommy of the family was gone forever.  I even attempted a rescue into the pee water.  They both cried like someone died as it was both their favorite mommy.  The next morning, she brought Gary the container of people and said in a sad voice “can you open this because I need to pick out a new mommy”.  Break my heart!  Poor little thing.  We’ve since found a suitable mommy for daddy and we’ve moved on.  I did learn that all mommies, real and fake, have long hair and it’s pulled in front of their shoulders.  So cute.

Anna:  We are back to normal!  She’ll even show you by opening her mouth really big and stick her tongue out.  It was a long 2 weeks for all of us, probably the hardest thing to go through as a parent so far.  We’ve weaned her off the coddling and most of the whining is gone now.  :)  Ha!  She’s also officially made us old as we signed her up for Kindergarten and took a tour tonight.  Her eyes got bigger and bigger with each classroom she went in – from the library, to art, to music to the kindergarten rooms.  She’s excited to go and we’ll continue to work on her being a little less timid.  :)  Gary put it well tonight, she’s mentally ready, Izzy’s socially ready.  Hehe.  Otherwise, she’s doing good, getting bigger and looking older each day.  Still a little girly girl but loves the dirt just the same.

I’m heading to bed but I’ll do an update on us soon and hopefully some pictures to share (the month of February and so far March have been really lacking in pictures)!


Gary, Christie, Anna and Izzy-bella

Oh I give up…

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So yesterday I didn’t win any parent of the year award but I was able to refocus my frustrations and made some changes.  My dear sweet Isabella (side note: who’s middle name should have been “Pay Attention”) has given me grief lately in regards to discipline.  She almost laughs at me when I’m at my angriest with her.  Yesterday, she even pulled a monkey face when I was sternly talking to her.  Nothing phases this girl.  Except daddy.  I thought for the longest time Anna and I would butt heads (ok, give that one time) as we’re so alike and Izzy and I would be able to work it out.  Nope.  Ok, so she’s not quite 3 and that’s a big assumption, but right now it’s how I feel.

Yesterday, I put them down for a “nap”.  The term nap is used loosely with these 2.  Izzy needs a nap and refused to take one on occasion.  She sings, grabs books off her shelf, turns on her light and plays, removes things from her room and loudly shuts the door.  Yelling does no good, spankings don’t do so much but removing everything from her room is a little bit humbling for her.  Then she has to earn back to her toys into her room and be able to play with them again.  But she needs to nap as she’s so crabby after dinner and crashes almost immediately when we put her down at night.  So I refuse to give in to this little goob and she will nap.  She will!

Miss Anna on the other hand, is like her parents.  She doesn’t need a nap.  She proves that by not napping and then being able to stay up till 10 without being a crab.  It’s truly is scary how similar we are.  So yesterday, I was on the phone and she was calling me in a normal tone for about 4-5 “mommy’s”.  Then all of a sudden she starts to scream it.  Then Izzy joins in.  My phone call was about done and I ran up to their room and (this is where no awards were handed out) I screamed back.  I was so angry.  So after I cooled down, talked to Gary about it, I returned to them.  Calmly, we started doing lots of chores.  :)  Mommy switched her tone and they started to understand.

They cleaned their rooms (one had to empty hers, again), sorted and hung up laundry, put away laundry, gather garbage, put some other things away, were told only one thing goes in bed with them (not a zoo or a daycare), no stories at bedtime, no books in bed and they were going to bed early.

So with all that said.  Naps are still on for the stubborn, almost 3 year old as I know she needs it.  Nap time for Thing 1 will be quiet time where she can read and play quietly in her room till her alarm goes off and hopefully the “mommy” calling will cease and she won’t have to nap “because I don’t like naps” when she doesn’t need one.

White flag has been waved.

Happy Halloween!

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::::::::::: So this one is a smidge late, but I had it written and was just waiting to add pictures.  Time escaped me and here you go, Happy Halloween in March!” :::::::::::::

This year we weren’t able to make it out to the pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins.  Something about 70 MPH winds and 40 degrees doesn’t scream let’s play outside!  So we instead went to our local market and picked up a couple pumpkins, on sale mind you, and headed home.  Because of our lack of time and ability to get our pumpkins, we finished carving them just before our Trick or Treating Saturday night.  Anna enjoying playing with the goop and Izzy just didn’t know what to think of it.  Needless to say she was done quite a bit sooner than Anna.  Anna chose a monster for her pumpkin (thank goodness it was a 2 of 5 difficulty rather than mommy’s last years choice of 5 of 5).

Gary decided Izzy’s would have their names on it.  All was going so wonderfully carving our pumpkins…. until I broke the wonderful little, feels cheap but works amazing, pumpkin carver.  The harder one was done when it happened and the name carving ended with a serated steak knife and a broken “zz” in Izzy’s name.  Nothing that a little toothpick won’t fix!

We all ate dinner together, once a month cooking lasagna, which was delicious.  Then as the sun was setting (way to early these days), we dressed the wee ones in their pumpkin costumes.  Back up…..  So I had been asking Anna what she wanted to be for Halloween.  I think this is the first year she’s getting it.  So at first, we were a spider.  Then we were a ghost.  Finally I got her to say pumpkin a few times.  Well I had planned on Izzy being the pumpkin as Anna was last year.  So the hunt was on for another pumpkin costume.  I just so happen to find the same costume, just a size smaller at the thrift store for $6.  Good thing Miss Izzy is a bit on the short and squat size that the smaller size fit her perfectly and the little taller skinny mini Anna fit into the costume she wore last year.  And it was so.

Back to present….  We get them dressed in their orange finery and off we went into fairly decent weather for trick or treating (last year we lasted the neighborhood it was so stinkin’ cold and windy).  We hit up some neighbors and headed over to the bigger neighborhood next to us.  Ann was her usual “excited to go but won’t say a word” self when we got up to the door.  So her little sister took up the slack and said in the cutest little voice “trick o treat” and “happy hawoween!”  Not only did she know what to say to get candy, every time we loaded her back up into the wagon, she said “this house” so we’d move along to the next house.  Stinker!  Well, we made a haul of course!  Even need to dump the excess in the wagon to fill up our buckets again!  Anna decided which 2 people would accompany her to the door, Grandpa and Daddy, Aunt Sheila and Mommy.  Too funny.  They had a great time and it just amazes how much Izzy already has caught on to, even earlier than Anna did!

Another successful trick or treating night!