Wanna bake?

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So I came up with this nifty activity to do if I want to bake, which mind you, isn’t all that often, but I do get the urge once in awhile.  I know this isn’t a new thing to most moms, teachers or daycares, but the magic of noodles with 1 and 2 year old’s is amazing!  So one day, I was just restocking the pantry and the noodle jar in the meanwhile asking Anna if she wanted to help.  She usually does, which is awesome!  So I left her with the bag of noodles and the jar with the instruction of just fill it up.  She loved it!  It took her about 10-15 minutes, which in parent-land, is a very long time to not have to make sure they aren’t destroying the living room.  So at the end, we had a good amount of noodles left and as I was about to pack them up, I thought, I bet they would have a ball sorting noodles with anything in the kitchen.  I grabbed some lap trays, a bunch of containers, spoons and anything else that would keep them excited, pulled up a couple chairs to the counter, dumped out some noodles and away they went!  Anna made “cookies” of the chocolate and oatmeal varieties, put them in the “oven” and served them to daddy for quite some time.  Izzy liked putting them in the cupcakes tins (and all over the floor) and of course she had to taste test some of her “creations” as well.  We’ve taken them out a few times for something different to do.  And not being the most avid baker, this last time, I had no sugar to bake with.  And get this, there aren’t any cookies within a quick glance, that DO NOT require sugar.  Huh.

If you’re wondering, here’s what I did bake on one of those noodle nights:

Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Gar and his love for malted milk (if you don’t read this blog-site, you should!)

Chewy Granola Bars to cure the craving for oats and chocolate from the lovely Marie on Makes and Takes – mine kind of crumbled despite the butter and honey to hold them together, but they were delicious!