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I’m a month into this new life that I love and am learning the fine balance of play, cooking, cleaning, errands and work but am loving all that I’m doing!  It’s a lot of work and keeps me going all day and night, but it’s been worth it.  I’m hoping to get on an at least weekly schedule of blogging on here to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on with us so bare will me yet as I find where to put that in our daily life.

For now, you can check out a few Facebook albums of photos from this summer and early fall.  We’re loving this balmy fall weather this week and hope to play some more in the sandbox and winterize the yard.  I’m learning to love fall almost more than summer as I love the colors, the hooded sweatshirts with sandals (no idea where Anna gets her need to strip off her socks and shoes any where she goes!), sunshine with a hint of cool in the air, honeycrisp apples, pumpkin anything, birthday planning and of course the delicious food.  :)

All is well in the Tidd house with Gary’s job keeping him plenty busy.  The girls are always growing and learning.  Anna is turning into a little fashionista with all her jewelry, hair always down or with some sort of large feather decor, pink all the time and sparkle shoes.  She’s still easily upset but we’re hoping to tame that little before Kindergarten next year.  :)   Miss Isabella continues to be our bruiser.  She’s had more bruises, dents and dings this past year.  Good thing she usually pops up without a ton of fanfare but my goodness, that girl needs a bubble or a helmet at all times!  We’re getting there with potty training, it’s a bit frustrating for both of us but we’re getting there.  She’s our social butterfly and jumps right in with most situations.

So that’s us at the moment.  I’ll be sure to share funny stories and videos again about the convos we have with these 2.  They keep us thinking and changing for sure!

Enjoy the photos:

Summerlovin 2011

Fallish Good Times

More to come soon!

Love to you all!

Gary, Christie, Anna and Izzy

Yes, we have a 2nd child

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Our walls have been adorned with the sweet pictures of our family of 3.  Well as you should all know, we have 2 kids.  So I decided it was time we had a Tidd Family photo shoot this spring.  I’m an avid blog reader and have added a few local photographers and event planners (I have a thing for wedding details, photos, invites, etc) to my Google Reader to check out their posts and phenomenal photos.  I had seen Amy Carroll’s name on a few different blogs and events so I checked out her site.  I loved her style, the vividness to her pictures, the way she captured the moment candidly and not forced.  She seemed like a perfect fit for us, so I went for it and emailed her to see if she’s be interested in doing a family photo shoot for us.  Of course, she said yes and wanted to know more about our family.  After a few emails back and forth, a date set, we settled on a more urban landscape.  We like everything from the beach to the farm to the downtown life and we just felt that fit us.

We ended up purchasing the disc of all the touched up images Amy took so we can use them in all different ways.  I had lots of plans.  :)   One, being to change out our family of 3 canvas wraps for the wall in the living room.

The 2nd big change is a 3 dimensional collage that Gary and I collaborated on from ideas we’ve seen online and in person.  I got 9 various sized mounts printed so we can arrange them on the wall at the top of our stairs on the 2nd floor.  Hopefully those will go up this weekend!  Complete with pictures of course.  :)

The rest will come as they may filling frames, on desks, as desktop backgrounds and in the hands of those we love.

The shoot itself it was awesome!  We met Amy at her studio in downtown GR, just outside of the hustle and bustle of the city.  She took us right out her own backdoor to an industrial alley filled with colorful brick buildings and lots of interesting locations for photos and curiosity.  Amy was patient with the girls and made us all feel like friends from the moment we met her.  She’s truly in a job she was meant to be in!

We couldn’t be happier with our photos as they captured us as us and would highly recommend Amy to shoot your wedding or your family photos!

Check out the rest of our photos!

I know you want to see my kids….. :)

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I haven’t quite got the hang of Flickr yet to post our batch pictures, I’m looking into other photo storage options but really, Facebook is the easiest, fastest and biggest storage area I know that’s free.  So without further adieu, here are some albums of pictures pre-revamped blog posts:

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Nothing’s better than being outside (& living near the lakeshore!)

Partying & Butterflies

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So here are some pictures I haven’t shared yet of the Tidd happenings from March.  Check out the pictures via Facebook yet here!