New Videos!

Category : Family

We’ve had a video camera for almost a year now and for whatever reason, I can’t get the videos off the DVD’s and publish them.  They work super in our DVD player, but no where else.  So after a few hours of trying, I gave up and gave up videoing the girls.  I didn’t like the idea of not having them recorded so that one day we can all fawn over their high squeeky voices and cute ways to say things.  Enter Chase Reward Points.  So we don’t use a credit card for most things and if we do, we pay it off right away.  We also use it for big purchases and side work purchases so the points have added up!  So I checked out what we could get and found that we could get a new HD Flip camera and have a few points to spare.  It came just before we left on vacation, so we messed around with it and took a few videos while we were out in Colorado.  I’ve started to add some this week and hope to have everything up by the weekend.

So with all the blah blah blahing up there, click on the V icon in our header (on the right side near Anna) and it’ll take you to our Vimeo homepage where you can view the latest antics of the Tidd family.